What to change?

So I’m revamping my last build to this new one, and I don’t know if I have too much hp regen affix. I’m focusing on the Druidic set, so I try to max out my hp/mp regen, and so far, I have 24k in hp and 25k in mp (with Epiphany). This build right now is so good, like really good, but I don’t know if I put too much hp regen or if I even need Epiphany for an additional 5k on hp and mp regen. Like, is it a waste of slot, or is it okay, but for now, just give any feedback and your thoughts about this build. I’ll show the result of how good the build is very soon, but for now, I just need some opinions on this build.


I like your build! The one thing that stands out to me is you could switch out your second Druidic set and add another non dupilcating set.
The gain from Druidic (5) to (6) may not be worth sacrificing an additional set.

Golem will give you far more in depth help.

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test it with Druidic (6) to at least see if it’s worth it… if not, then consider another Set that would go with the build, or if you don’t want a Set, some other Epic affix or maybe a Mythstone. oh! since you have Stealth, put in a Pathfinder Set, you get extra damage based on your Dodge, and when you use Stealth, your Dodge goes from +50 to +100, so the damage from Pathfinder stays the same while your other damage gets cut in half while Stealth is active.

Discordance switched Twister & Boomerang. this means Twister does 300% Weapon Damage (600% with the Twister +20 you have) and has the same casting cost as Boomerang. it’s affected by Multi Attack, Extra Attack Chance, Attack Speed. DPS will be different, but not sure if it will show. just off the top of my head, I think the DPS will be about the same or a little better than a Wizard using Discordance with Twister on Gauntlet with Twister 40.

you have too much Cool Down, unless you have it for casting your other spells. ahh, it’s really good for Stealth’s cool down.

the build looks great, can’t wait to see how it performs.

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Thank you guys for the feedback especially @Golem. I will switch the other Druidic for Pathfinder. I can’t really tell how worth it Druidic (6) is cause the damage seems like the same or barely any difference but I did go for it to increase my mp/hp regen by 25% more. I got a lot of CD for my Stealth with max CD I can have perma Stealth. I was also thinking of Momentum cause I have a lot of move speed + Sprint proc but I don’t know if its better than Pathfinder. I’ll now be changing the Druidic for Pathfinder and will be showing the result of the build.

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there are some Sets that if you craft a build around them, Set (8) might be worth it.

take Plagued for instance. if you go Plagued (8) that’s +200% Poison DoT damage for each enemy poisoned (+1000 Poison DoT for every 5 enemies Poisoned). with Toxic & Blight on top of that, you can get a seriously Poisonous Build. and you still have 3 Set slots left.

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I have mostly used a poison build but never tried Plague (8). Maybe it’s time to give it a go.

for a wizard…

Poison DoT is 10% of attack damage a second for 8 seconds.
Sorcery Talent 40 is +200% Poison DoT. 30% of attack damage a second for 8 seconds.
Plagued (8) is +200% Poison DoT for each enemy Poisoned.

  1. one enemy is 90% Poison DoT a second for 8 seconds.
    1a. Toxic 400% Poison Damage is 360% Toxic DoT for 5 seconds.
    1b. one Blight +100% is Toxic 800% is 720% Toxic DoT for 5 seconds.
  2. five enemy is 330% Poison DoT a second for 8 seconds.
  3. ten enemy is 630% Poison DoT a second for 8 seconds.

if your attack does 1 million damage, the Poison DoT would be 100k damage a second for 8 seconds.
with Sorcery 40 300k damage a second for 8 seconds.
with Plagued (8) 900k damage a second for 8 seconds with one enemy.
Toxic is 3.6 million damage a second for 5 seconds in an AoE.
Toxic with one Blight is 7.2 million damage a second for 5 seconds in an AoE.


with Fester Talent 40 you have 2 Poison DoT a second for 4 seconds with the other 4 seconds being 1 Poison DoT a second.

wizard can do something similar with Fire DoT & Inferno Set.

Warrior & Rogue have other ways of making a Poison build scary.