What to spend real money on

Im just wondering what do you guys spend real money on in the game? Ive been spending some here and there testing the hour bonuses to see which one is worth it but im just curious what you guys buy. I thought about buying the $20 gold purchase to get a billion to support the game more but i think having that money quick would ruin my experience cause it would make things easier for awhile. So whats good to buy?

the Map so you don’t have to keep buying them with gold. the cost for maps goes up the higher you go.

the extra storage space and the Crystal/Myth Stone spaces really helps.

1 or 2 more Character slots, so you can do a Main & Hireling, or have all 3 Classes. or buy all 5 extra Character slots for a challenge if you really like the idea of Crafting a lot of different Build ideas.

you should only buy the 1 hour boosts for when you need to use them, if you have the money to spend.

if you have money like sand on the beach to spend, then buying Gold is ok, otherwise making a Farm Build to get Gold is better and cheaper. I figure I have farmed 3-5 Billion Gold at minimum, even though I have never gotten up to 600 million gold because I keep spending gold to Craft Builds.

Vanity’s. you never know when a new look will make the monsters respect you more.

Pet Skins for money. only if you really want your Pet to look different. but wait until you find a Legend Pet you don’t plan on ever getting rid of.

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Ya i forgot to mention that i have the map iap and all the class slots and storage spaces unlocked. So ya i guess ill slowly spend the money on the hour boosts here and there when i need them

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The gold purchase lasts me months :sunglasses:

I thought you meant gold haha.

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With the top gold purchase its bloody hard to spend unless your paying for ascentions but even then it’s hard.

However , if your hunting pets, then monster boosts. An enslaver on every floor. Just speed run floor 400 on very easy :joy:

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