What would people suggest I socket this with?

Found this and converted it to rogue, What would be good stats/socket to aim for on this? (have ascended 2x and can answer any questions, not sure what info to add)

Emerald it to about +5%Quality, use flurite on the epic affixes for +7500HP and +400FireResist, then you NEED an elixer mythstone (highest tear) for the +2 all sets
Dont worry about diamond, the luck and experience gain are pretty high already



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You could make something like this, i use it as a hireling so that ive always got full gold find and lots and lots of luck… its called meat sack for its high hp and low damage output but i preffer to not have my hireling play the game for me…

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Or you could strip down a nadroji amulet to just 2 all sets then add an elixir to free up a space on a ring. But is it worth it ?

@Sequince if you have to, just use a lower Myth Stone that is helpful, like for Deadly Strike or Crushing Blow, or increase your Movement Speed, Attack Speed, or Cool Down. if there aren’t any MS that you are interested in that you have, take out the Socket and put in another Affix you can use instead.