Whats better in pvp? Demonic 4 or +5000 damage?

I havent been here in a bit but that was because i took a break for awhile and then returned to grinding. Long story short I have nearly completed my wizard pvp build that is looking to be rather spicy, high level spells in arena, +2 to all sets x3, garentees a dodge to almost any atack, can teleport, and has acsess to a near infinite stun lock, has long ranhe, with decent health. Not god teir but you cant have every thing. That is if every thing i planed for it turns out how i expect. But any how im glad to be back.

the Demonic would be +80% total damage when you get your enemies HP reduced to 25% or lower. the +5000 damage would be working as soon as you attack and hit your enemy.

if your build is getting your enemies HP to 25% quickly, then stick with Demonic, otherwise go with the +5000 damage.

I think i found a work around that lets me include both, i just need to grind for a hell pet.

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well, shoot, I forgot to mention… why not use both if you can? lol.

hope it works out!

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Thanks. :slight_smile: btw dose the skilled mythic effect twister? Or just the “base atack” of a ganutlet witch would be blast? Also another thought i juat had, dose epiphany aply to the arena? And would it raise the areas item stat cap above its normal set?

Skilled Mythic only works on MH Primary Skills, even when affected by Discordance (like Blast for instance, being used as a Special Skill instead of Primary).

Epiphany does work in Battle Arena. I did a search so it can be used. I didn’t find the post that explains how it actually works, but it does. but it raises the Arena stat caps. hmm, something with an arena cap of 24% would be raised to 27.6% with Epiphany 3.

So just to clairify, the skilled mythic will not aplie to twister?

It will not work with Twister or any other Special when using Discordance. There were a few posts about this back in the day. that +50% damage would have been awesome!

on the other hand, adding a +1 Multi Attack would do the same thing for Twister that you want Skilled Mythic to do, giving you a +50% damage. since you can do a +2 MA in one space, you would actually get a +100% damage, which would be better than using Skilled Mythic.

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Hmm i did not know multiatack effected twister… im confused how it dose since its just 1 atack. And i already use a golexes gauntlet for the build si it has multiatack.

Can muti atack be stacked? Hmmmmm…

Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance affect Special Skills of MH when using Discordance Mythic. depending on the Skill, it either gives extra attacks or increases damage done with the one attack. either way, it’s doing more damage.

if using a Gauntlet with Discordance Mythic, Twister would do 150% weapon damage, be affected by Attack Speed for how fast you can cast it (using APS), use Mana Cost of Blast, and is affected by Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance. you would still put skill points into Twister, but the 1% per rank Cool Down wouldn’t work.

Blast would do 400% weapon damage, use mana cost of Twister, have Twisters Cool Down and would be affected by Cool Down. Skilled Mythic will still work work on Blast.

you can get up to Multi Attack +4. Multi Attack would usually only work on Blast, the Primary Skill of Gauntlet.

Twister as Special with 40 Skill Points and +60% Cool Down can be cast every 1.2 seconds, lasts for 5 seconds, hits for damage 5.6 times a second, and does 1200% weapon damage per hit. that comes to about to 5376% DPS weapon damage.

Twister as Primary with 40 Skill Points, +60% Attack Speed, and Multi Attack +4 can be cast 2.4 times a second and lasts 5 seconds, hits for damage 5.6 times a second, and does 450% weapon damage per hit. that comes to about 18144% DPS weapon damage with Multi Attack (not sure how accurate I am with this).

now, I heard Specials can only go as fast as 0.5 Cool Down. when using Discordance, but I haven’t tested it. but it looks like using Discordance, Twister could have more DPS as a Primary Skill than as a Special.

here is a post on the subject.

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Thank you this clears up alot. You the man dude. :slight_smile:

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glad to help. PVP isn’t my strong point. hope you make it to :1st_place_medal: !