Whats new?

GooD day ive been inactive for long cuz of work… is der something new in dq today?

our forum site is new look :sunglasses:


Definitely much better…

The (latest) Patch Notes can be found on the Forum. :wink:

Welcome back @roykiyoy

I guess we can’t just stay away eh?

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Good 2 c u back @roykiyoy :smile:

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@Mr_Scooty agree i tried to.play other games too but DQ was just really one of a kind haha… it would be much better if der is something in pve to keep strong players to.keep grinding and occupied like a set of strong bosses or more . I think its one thing this game lack cuz lot of strong players are less motivated to do pve since der is nothing to do anymore after youve reach that point. But overall this game is really great specially the graphics.

@PeaceDog nc too see u too bro dq hyped =)