What's new?

I haven’t played in a very long time and i was wondering what is new. Anyone want to update me?

Well we wait for the next version to be realease maybe theres tons of new there.

What about 2.5 and generally around 2.3.

What’s new. Well nothing too much. One thing that could be considered new if you haven’t seen is Arcanist set which works with Ascendant which increases your power by 20% per enemy so when you have 5 enemies effected by arcane Debuff, your power is doubled.

Demonic set for 100% increased DMG at (5) but you have to get enemies below 25% HP or so to get the benefits. It’s great for PvE. In PvP, 60% DMG from it which is still quite substantial.

Angelic set increase damage by 25% but also APS by 25% (effectively 25% increased attack speed that goes over cap of attack speed).

Slimes could be considered new too if you missed them. They have elements set which increases all individual resists by 37.5% at (5) on the set.
Also an Eternalized ring and amulet for flexible farming builds.

Then some bug fixes and slight buffs/ nerfs. Stealth now needs dodge on gear to work and it doubles dodge so if you have 50% dodge, stealth is back to its old blocking all the damage effect. Some other changes too but I can’t explain them all so the patch notes of 2.3 til 2.5 you’d have to look through.

But how long did you not play the game and what patch did you play at?

It doesn’t feel like too many new things but DQ has changed a bit still. New patch will likely have a lot of new things too.


Glad to see you back!!! It’s been too long.

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Wow. How long has he played? I never met him you see but it’s cool to see him back :smile: .


He has not been on forum in about 6 months.

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Yeah, i have been doing alot of stuff i tried to get back in chirstmas time but it didnt really work out that well im going to get back into it today and start grinding really hard, thanks for the update. @CuzegSpiked @Mr_Scooty


Well, the game is still named Dungeon Quest. So that’s not new.


Lol. Dungeon Quest for years.

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Thomas the tank

Thomas the dank engine but with rap song like Eminem.

Also we are number one Robbie rotten .

Overall meme content has risen.

@Skaul Lmao i thought it was called My little pony adventure

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