What's the fastest way to get crystals/mythicstones

Just messed up on crafting a mythic… so now I have to start all over trying to get mythicstones and crystals… any tips and tricks?


  • Use Eternalized + Chrystalline + Epiphany (-> 1012% Luck) Hunter + Shrined + Treasured Perk. And Item drops.
  • Floor 200 respawn until you get the Shrines right in front of you.
  • Kill all epic monsters.
  • Convert all eternal/crystal legends to crystals.
  • Use an Imp.
  • Repeat.

Doesn’t get faster than that :wink: Mythstones I don’t know. I happen to find one Elixer every once in a while and it’s sufficient for me.

If you messed up placing a mythstone, you can remove the mythstone using Crystal Garnet. Garnet will remove a mythstone from a socket giving you the mythstone back and leaving the socket on the item. Garnet can be used on eternals also. So if you placed the wrong mythstone on your cosmic orb chakram build, you can remove that mythstone with garnet and place in the correct mythstone.