What's with the fire icon on legend/eternal maps?

Seriously , how come legend/eternal maps have fire icons? I mean I tried them and usually it means fire themed floor . If that’s the case, how come no ice, poison or shock icon on legend map and what does the fire icon even mean?

Also this fire icon only ever appears on legend/eternal maps whilst the maps I buy are random maps with no element on them. I suppose it would be nice if there were other elemental icons on legend maps to choose which floor to farm due to it being a legend map.


great question :slight_smile:
will try to get you an answer since I forgot what that does :bell: :bell: SHAME :bell: :bell:

Woah i havent noticed that before!

Same here until just now.

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Yeah me too. Still wondering with that right now :smile: got a tons of that at floor 2-3 due to Enslaver hunts where we can find Carthos too!

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its a fire map

Well that’s what I thought after testing many because it did always go to one but why no ice icons, shock icons or poison icons on legend maps. Perhaps the Devs forgot maybe. Who knows…

lets wait for more explanation about the fire map :grin:

Confirmed that this icon doesn’t have any effect on the challenge maps. Ignore for now…will be removed in the next patch.

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It is confirmed that any map that drops in floor 3 wether Legend or not got all those fire icons LOL :chillparrot:

lol. But i did see fire icons way above floor 3 but more appear at floor 3.