When it says 111st



you are the 1rd person to call us out on that :wink:



When Shit! HAPPENS


Was reeaalllyyy confused for about five minutes and I was like, “What’s wrong?”

But I’m also having a “good” night.


hmmmmm ill flag that atrophex account INTO OBLIVION :smiling_imp:


Hahahaha cuz my net is slow that’s what came out




oof. 4rd. 1nd. 3st. 2th.


I didn’t get it


you are the 1rd person to call us out on that :wink:

@CuzegSpiked was referencing @tdaniel post :arrow_up:. he does that a lot, and I am beginning to wonder if he is doing it on purpose. after seeing it many times it starts to be funny. :slight_smile: umm, if it isn’t on purpose, it is still funny, but not in a hurtful way. :worried:




not you @CuzegSpiked. I meant that there are a lot of posts by @tdaniel where he types 4rd, 1nd, 3st, 2th. I have read a number of posts by him where he does that. at first I thought it was a typo or mistake of some kind, but eventually I started to become amused by it, because there are so many posts like that. I think he is just typing very fast, but there is a chance he is doing it as a joke. when ever I came across these typo’s, 1nd would make wonder if he meant 1st or 2nd. 5rd, is he saying 5th or 3rd? usually I can figure it out from the context of the post, but I would rather be amused by the mistake than annoyed. as we all know, DQ is a very fun game, so I think the Dev’s have a big sense of humor they share in their posts in this manner.


For sure, I have the worstest spelling of any person…ever. I am TERRIBLE when it comes to spelling anything and I do type very quickly.

I use a ton of keyboard short cuts as well, so in most cases as I am typing a message is just end it ctrl+enter key automatically.

For a windows OS that will send your message instead of having to move your mouse to the “send” button. I do that before I spell check so it always gets me in hot water with the other devs here (it looks very unprofessional).

While this is not an acceptable excuse, if I did spell check every message/email I send every day I would never leave my desk (which I mostly don’t anyway).

So in summary, my post was a joke at my own expense.


You’re #1nd!


@tdaniel your post just makes those meme’s in the Really Excited About DQ2 post even better. it drives me nuts when I read an old post of mine, and I find some kind of error, grammar or punctuation or spelling, and I have to decide whether to fix it or leave it. I decided to only fix it if it helps to clarify what I had posted. keep up the good work and the humor.


I like DQ 1nd, but DQ 2th sounds interesting.