When should I start building my weapons

I am a lvl 97 wizard with 6 million gold and I am about to ascend to get the fortunate perk. I am at floor 220 at the moment and I would like to know the right time to start creating my armor and weapons because weapon building looks fun. However, I do not know when I should start working on it. I am currently using a legendary golex gauntlet and an eternal chromatic orb. All of the armor is epic but each has an affix that adds to the blast skill. The gauntlet does 65k dps and kills fairly quickly even on mythic 1.

Start as soon as you can but max there level and quality first using the appropriate gems. Have a build idea in mind first and have fun.

I want to try to go for a build based around the golex gauntlet. If I can get the eternal version, I will build off of that one. Also, is there any legend/eternal armor that will help with gauntlet dps? Thanks for the help and I will let you know how things go in the near future.

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Make a mythic golex gaunlet. Test it against the eternal. Try mythic every where

do you plan on getting all Perks? or just a few of them (1-3)? I take it that you are using Twister to Taunt enemies together and then Blasting them? (I did this as a Beginner, so fun!)

Yes this is what I am doing. I just acended the other day for my first time and got my first perk(fortune). Now I just have to get him back up to lvl 50 to use my equipment.

one trick is to have some level 1 Gear to get you to level 20, then some level 40 Gear to get you to level 50, and then you can use your level 100 Gear.

the level 1 & 40 Gear just need to be good enough to get you to level 20 & 50 respectively. I only had one or 2 Quest stones on these Gears to speed up leveling a little so I could get to level 50 faster. the reason I didn’t go full Quest Stones is the lower level Gears needed Attack & Defense more than the level 100 Gear.

to help you speed up getting all 6 Perks…

get 6 Quest Stones on your level 100 Gear. second Perk requires 2x the experience of the first, and the third Perk requires 3x the experience of the first. so if you needed a Billion experience for the first Perk, you need 6 Billion experience total to get the first 3 Perks (1 Billion + 2 Billion + 3 Billion = 6 Billion).

5 Million Gold for first Perk, 10 Million for the second, 30 Million for the sixth. get Dealer Perk for third or fourth Perk.

get Accomplished for second Perk, you wont regret it. mostly because you finish the Monster Spawn Perks more often, which means more experience. higher tier monsters give more experience.

experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so most players Ascend around floors 100-110, or at least 200 or lower. you can clear floor 100 faster than floor 250+, and considering all the experience you need for all 6, faster is better. if you need an item that can only be found at a higher floor, go get it, and then go back to the lower floor to get the experience fast!

Challenge Maps with Pack Size +100% (+150% Max), +100% Magic Tier Monsters (+200% Max), +300% Rare Tier Monsters (+500% Max), +2% Epic Tier Monster Guardians (+5% Max), and the Extra Monster Affix (+4 or 5 Max) (one of them gives +100% Experience for killing the monster with this affix) can speed up getting experience. using Larimar can change affixes on a Challenge Map until you can get one or more of these affixes, and Diamond changes the values of these affixes until you get good values. just be careful of affixes that make it too hard to clear a map, like TNT & Skyfall.

M3 Difficulty gives the best experience boost.

if you find a Nadroji Chest or Head item, the Nadroji Bonus on them increases the chance for spawning Magic & Rare Tier monsters. the Chest is the better one, because it has +100% ED (for your level 100 Gear). more experience!

if you want to spend money, you can buy a 1 hour Experience Boost from the shop. I never bought one, but some players really want to speed things up. finishing the Pick Up Orbs Feat will give you a random 5 minute shop boost, one of which might be the experience boost!!!

Making a Hunter Mythic Ring will spawn +1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians at Shrines & Pool. it works just like the Hunter Perk. many players will make this Ring so they can just get the Hunter Perk last. I just got the Hunter Perk. I never made the Ring and just got Hunter Perk fifth. Epic Monsters give lots of experience!!

I got the Enshrined Perk third before Dealer. I didn’t have a problem with Gold yet, but the idea of 2 Shrines per map, and 5 of the Shrines getting boosted was cool! I didn’t have all 6 Quest Stones yet, and the extra experience from the Experience Shrine, and the higher boosts from the other Shrines made things a little easier clearing maps. also, the extra Shrine with Hunter Perk/Shrine means even more Epic Shrine Guardians! more experience!!

hope this helps.


Tkx man. I really appreciate it. I am lvl 50 now so im all good. I get to continue my character build now.

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