When Mythical Monsters Visit Shrines

With the Hunter Perk or Hunter Mythic, Many Legendary and Mythical Monsters Appear Near the Shrines.
recently, after converting a Livids Wicked Wand to a crystal, I had just finished defeating a bunch of Shrine Guardians. I had barely had a moment to savor my victory when ‘CHOMP!’ DEAD! when I came back into the dungeon, I teleported away, looked around, and there it was. Livids Mythical Wicked Slime. well, I defeated the poor slime, but I couldn’t help but wonder why Livid was so upset at me converting his wand to a crystal.
more recently, I converted a Broadway Sword to crystal. a few hours later, I defeat a bunch of Shrine Guardians protecting an Experience Shrine. all of a sudden, on the other side of the Shrine from me appears a monumental slime! it was Broadway’s Slime of Experience! I went into battle, coming out victorious. and the experience! I got 50 million experience!
for those who are wondering, I was on m3 l110 with maxed experience on my gear with the Experience Shrine when I met the Broadway Slime. the slime had the Experienced Affix.

I wished i made a hunter mythic when I started playing the game. I just realize its wonder after getting my hunter ascension perk. Getting lots of legendary/crystal early game would be useful :frowning:

also helps speed up the epic / legend / mythic kill feats. yea. either the mythic or perk are great.

I know, I am getting the Legend and Mythic monster feats so often. and the item drop feats! when I have the item drop shrine on a Legend map, and all of the item drop feats go off one after the other, takes forever to empty my bags. and with the Treasured Perk, I am getting a lot more Crystal and Eternal drops. with the Nadroji Bonus, the Monster feats seem like at least one every other map, with sometimes 3-4 in a row in one map. all kinds of loot dropping everywhere.