When you're looking for a specific piece of gear too /craft/ with


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Keep farming. I got 3 of those on 750-800 m3.

Yeah it’s just funny because I need it specifically for crafting and the game was like lmao here that was what you wanted right here I’ll even make it an eternal sweet isn’t it

If it had crystal atk speed it would’ve been perfect tho. Just put elixir on empty slot

Oh hell yeah I’m not saying it’s not good it’s just not what I needed at this time I am definitely gonna use it in a try hard floor scaling build whenever I get around too doing one of those tho probably when they fix epiphany so I can but a 45% attack speed on another piece of gear and use the hat for the bonus

:scream: holy shizzle that combo tho how in the hell am I that lucky oh my god how (that seems like a really fake reaction but I’m trying too be appropriate)

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dat ring and amulet looks so awesome together,
90% Push the Limit feelslike getting eternal buffed Glasscannon
i mean thank god, Energy works so well with that.

Now if only all the latest bugs would get fixed (eg: Barbarian, Ephiphany)
there would be so much more insane build possibilities.

Anyway, does Ephiphany works with Damage multipliers such as GlassCannon, Damage to Elites, etc??

Also, knowing that the set Bonus cant be removed, is it possible to obtain the Ephiphany Bonus when the Set affix in the hat part removed, and instead have the set affix on the ring??

Yisssss exactly }:3c you can remove the set affix from the hat and get the bonus affect from the ring cackles maniacly such a good combo of drops omg

why your so lucky at those eternal items!! I only get some eternal but not usefull :joy: hahaha

Lucky you for getting eternal version but unlucky that you not gonna need it now. Congrats nontheless even if eternals/crystal legends are so much easier now :). Rng god praise and troll you.

EHEHEHEHEH yup thanks cuzeg :smile: I’m totes gonna use this combo for a hardcore floor scaling build though cackles maniacly }:3c