getting bored waiting for the update,

When all has returned too an age of ash and blood

In all seriousness however :smile: I am not allowed to say but it isn’t exactly far off…


pvp is too boring now,

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it will come together with legion

New set for rouge?..

Within this month or next month at most? :sweat_smile:

I got 99 problems, and a new set may be one of them.

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Google play allowed me to download 2.3 update, it installed and gave me a free Slime on boot up (found in the mailbox, where you get chests from pvp). But I don’t see anything else new, like practice zone or the new sets. I farmed floor 700 for an hour and none dropped, any clues as to difficulty and floor that they drop? I also bought a pack boost for enslaver and all he dropped was the same old pets.

@Stryder im experiencing the same situation. i farm on 1k floor for eternalize ring and other stuff but for an hour and 2 ididnt get any new item

They are all functioning sometimes RNGesus just doesn’t wanna drop them

Ok but after 30+ enslaver, not one Slime? It’s a 4th pet type, so assuming 1 in 4 drop rate I should have gotten roughly 7 or 8 Slime from him, not 0. For new content you would figure it drops more than this.

are the new set affixes all rollable via amythes?

@Stryder They have a reduced drop rate compared too the other pets before that drop rate was buffed I literally farmed 150 enslavers and got 0 but have since found a couple

@roykiyoy only arcanist

Eternalize ring? O.o
That wasn’t in the patch info on Google play. Gonna go read the link… Wonder what else wasn’t in the Google play update notes…

@Griffin012 i cant seem to find the newly implemented vanities for top eternal players

@Stryder ders lot of new item u can check it on codex item list

Theres already a patch… 2.3.1


@stryder it adresses a bug that was discovered before the launch of 2.3 but couldn’t be fixed before it because the update had already been submitted for approval

i just did my patch today so it must be the 2.3.1 version

@Griffin012 is der any requirement for that eternal pack ? i dont know how to get it.

just curious why u got tons of maps stack?