Where can i get a eternal pet

I sold the one pvp gave me :frowning:

can get via killing some enslavers and wear eternalized set :smile:

Is eternal pet can reach lvl100.?

yup it can reach lvl 100.

@roykiyoyThanks.! I got 1 eternal pet .eternal bane. Ty for answer:)

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im already 82 heroic level, and i only got 2 legend pets. eternal pets are out of the question.

@kevs926 farming eternal pets are for hardcore haha u need to spam lots of monster spwn boost and finish enslaver feat many time ( try getting eternal find rate 700%) inc % by slim. (unless u are really lucky when i was a lowbie i got eternal pet but all affix are almost useless in my build).

2nd prob is affix even u got eternal pet.prob is if ur not lucky the affixes might be worse for ur build. (so u actually need to farm lots of eternal pet to get good one ) pray for the affix god :stuck_out_tongue:

Eternal Pets are very hard to find. Actually I also have a char with 85 heroic level. Presently I only got 1 eternal pet which I got only a couple of weeks ago.

Trying my best to get to floor 1000 to complete the eternalized set items and start pet farming.

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Why did you sell it???

nice lot you got there @superlove keep it up for more :smile:

same here aiming go get eternalized ring and necklace :smile:

@EAter thanks, I was lucky that day lol spamming floor 181-185, I want to show my eternal bane but I don’t know how to upload .almost 3months playing currently floor800- up. Aiming to floor 1000- up;)

@superlove if you’re at pc Ctrl + G if phone you can see a upload button

@eater I’ve tried already nothing happen. I will try some other way. I’m using cp.

try to use google chrome browser or Uc Browser it will work

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Ty @Eater. I use Google chrome. :wink:

@superlove chromes memory is kinsa big/heavy better use mozila firefox thats what im using much less in memory

@roykiyoy thanks for suggestion. :slight_smile: