Where can i get Vacuus specifically?

According to codex “Powerful Enemies. Above floor 100”, but i can’t get even one of it. I’ve been blindly farming from 101 to 200. Rinse and repeat. Any advice or hints? What difficulty? What monster are these “powerful enemies”. Is it the boss or just legend monsters? Thanks for help. Appreciated in advance.

I think it’s Rare+ enemies, any floor above 100, and any difficulty.

I have found only 1 in my 89.5B experience and 2.1K legends found (according to the Campaign Leaderboard). I mention that not to brag – because surely others here have annihilated those numbers – but to show just how rare the Vacuus Scipio drop is. It’s really really hard to find.

They said that it is recommendable to grind at floors 195-200. I found mine at floor 206, mythic 3 cart map.

Got 1.1k Legends found and no Vacuus but I got lots of Berserker and Masochism axes which suffices for I only need 100 WP%. RNG hates us lol