Where from here? (current gear attached)


Zenith in weapon gives 4 multi attacks. In jewelry 2 extra attacks


I was trying to add to a helmet, so i am guessing ruby only?


Change one affix in weapon and add it to helmet. Remove an affix from weapon and add zenith to weapon. Balancing act


@dickwad & @trev1972 Zenith gives +4 Extra Attack Chance if placed in MH or OH. 50% chance for an extra attack, then 50% for the next. so something like 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25% to get all 4 hits with +4 EAC. for Ring & Necklace, you are correct.

using Ruby, you can put the +2 Multi Attack on any item, if RNG is kind.


yup, i got it easily on helmet first time, i think DW is right though, swap around affix on MH with helmet- once i have built back gems that is! wasted tonnes trying to roll multiattack.


when I run out of Crystals trying to get a certain affix, sometimes I end up with an affix I am unsure of, and end up learning the good points of a new affix. Amethyst, Ruby, and Topaz are like this. even if you end up changing the affix later, and maybe even getting what you wanted in the first place, you learned something new that gives an idea for another build later.