Where from here? (current gear attached)

Hey all

I started a couple of weeks ago, to be fair i am doing ok as i am on early floors still!
Ive just gone for luck, crit, and crit damage really.

Can anyone suggest where they would go from here?- still a newb so know it is junk so go easy please!




Good equips for a newb… if ur lvl 99 go to shop and do an ascension and choose wisely what perk u choose. For me since i am not that experienced enough. You have 42m go to shop and do an ascension and choose wisely what perk youll choose. For me the game would get more interesting when you reach eternal ascension. When you reach eternal ascension. Farming would be more easy. Well heres a hint when you want to farm high crystals convert ur useless eternal equipments. It would cost 500k but ull get a chance to get an obsidian or high lvled crystals. As a beginner try to rebirth ur character when u reach 99. The game would be more fun and interesting as u try to make ur warrior reach an eternal rebirth. When u reach eternal farming will be much more easier.

I see u dont have an Elixer Mythstone yet… it is a lvl 99 mythsone try to put it on ur ring and amulet to met ur set( the green affix one) more higher. So when you put elixir on bot ur accessories( ring and amulet) ur green affixes effect would go higher.

Upto u if u put an elixir on ur amulet since it would take time a elixir to farm

Farm at 200 floor on difficult u can kill fast…
Or Go ascencion ( ur lvl will reset to 1 again), and start grinding again, pick fortune or dealer ascencion…

Thanks for the tips guys, i have just ascended (i went treasured).

I dont think i can put an elixer on the nadroji ring? As it has +talents already?
I do think i need to try to roll ignore resist on the amulet though- that way i can farm an elixer.

Any thoughts on a good set affix? i was thinking rage or going all permafrost?

Thanks again

For new player, i recommend poison with plagued set… and for ur ring… just remove +talent and replace it with +2 mythstone, it will boost ur damage…

So if you want brang’s advice to go on poison build u got to witch ur ice build then =))

Search more builds on this forum youll see…

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Ascend till you reach eternal itll be more fun… ofc ull need an extra hireling to assist yyou killl monsters fast if u got the other party ascend when its lvl 1

Thanks guys, one last query

I read a lot of posts about ragnorak being good…

It finally dropped, and im struggling to understand why it is considered so good?

Is it the affix? defiant?


Defiant: you automatically get a +25% DMG, and a +7.5% DMG & DMG Reduction per Rank of missing HP%. so if you have Defiant (5) and your HP went down to half, or 50%, you would be doing +37.5% DMG & DMG Reduction until you healed yourself, then the DMG goes back down towards the +25%. good for damage spikes. this is why many Builds have Masochism with Defiant, since it keeps the HP down at 50% most of the time, letting you have the better DMG from Defiant.

with Jasper Crystal, it is possible to have any MH Weapon for any Class to have Defiant. but if you look, half of them will have the +100% Elemental DMG, and the other half will have +200% Weapon DMG. for Wizard, Gauntlet & Wand has the ED and Staff & Sword have the WD. Warrior is Axe & Lance have ED and Sword & Hammer the WD. Rogue is Flintlock & Bow have ED and Chakram & Dagger have the WD.

if you are thinking of Ascending, eventually you will want Quest Myth Stones on all of your items to get the +200% Experience. you only need to farm floor 100-110, since monsters stop giving more Experience at floor 100. the only reason to go to higher floors is if you really need a certain item. killing monsters fast to get all the Perks is what is most important, and any room you have left over can be used for Luck and Gold Find for more loot, especially since you will be tweaking your Ascending Build to be better as you do your Ascending. I started with a bunch of Farming Legend Items, like the Adventurer Chest & Head, and just changed the affixes when I had the Crystals to do so.

Affixes & Myth Stones: using that Nadroji you mentioned, +2 All Sets is what most people want it for. you could put in a +2 All Sets Myth Stone for the +4 All Sets (this is the cap) on the same Nadroji. on other items, for instance, if you already had a +15% Attack Speed Myth Stone on an item, you wouldn’t be able to roll an Attack Speed affix on that same item, but if you had the +15% Epic affix or the +45% Attack Speed Crystal affix, you could still put the +15% Attack Speed Myth Stone on it. you would not be able to have an Epic and Crystal Attack Speed Affix on the same item.

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Defiant is only good in pvp

I dont use defiant on pve maybe u can use that on pvp

what is good about Defiant Set for beginners is that just having Defiant (1) still gives you +25% DMG. PVP or PVE! that is HUGE in the early game when you haven’t found any Nadroji Rings or Necklaces, or any other way to get +All Sets. most other Sets need 3 or more items to get that kind of DMG boost. in the later game, other sets are better, since having a Set (5) can give better DMG than +25% of Defiant. because Defiant requires you to lose HP to do more than +25% DMG, it is only good for lower level Farm type Builds, where losing HP doesn’t mean you die all the time. or using Defiant with Blood Magic, Masochism, or both, to lower your HP to get the extra DMG without dying.

right now I am using a Defiant - Blood Magic - Masochism combo on my Farm Build, and it is doing well farming F505 M3. I don’t have Crushing Blow on the Build, so some monster affix combinations on Epic+ monsters take a few seconds to kill, and anything with Thorns gets more DMG from Defiant & Blood Magic.

Thanks that all makes sense, its surprising how complex this game is when it comes to gearing.

I swapped the affix on my shield to plagued (huge boost to hp and armour), and made an elixer for the ring…so im now permafrost, plagued, fauns…and so far at 420 m3 everything is disintegrating.

I know i will come unstuck though as my crits are about 60m or so max, and i know later npcs have billions of HP.

haha, nice. I have read lots of posts by other players who have Builds that make monsters melt on the higher floors, but I want to try my own way first. this way, I can learn a lot just from doing something, and maybe have a better understanding of what those players are trying to share. the best monster melting build I have been able to come up with has Crushing Flames & Demonic as the core of the Build for Wizard. up around F1200ish on M3.

Yes ive read all about crushing flames!
Am i doing something wrong by the way? i have just wasted 20 rubies trying to roll multi attack, it is so annoying!!!

You can get multi attack with one zenith

DOH!!! wish i had posted before wasting 20 rubies! thanks.