Where ill upload pic

I wanna report a cheater but i dont know how to upload my screen shot please help

-thanks in advance

Hey! Just click on this button :smile:

Im using phone how to do it?

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I click it several times but nothing happen btw im using computer to upload the screen shot

I don’t know, man. I guess just use an image hosting website. imageshack.us is what I use.

I paste the link click the upload nothing happen help me

Is this it?
There’s a forum embed code that will show the picture on the forum.

Yes that is it :smile: haha

There’s some kind of option that should pop up for different links and there should be an embed code, which will work better. :smiley:

I still cant do it xD haha its hard for me to get it lol if you have some extra time can you make a vid tutorial? :smile: hehe



Ok great haha somehow I manage to upload a proper picture thanks for all the help more power guys

Glad to help a bit. :smiley:

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