Which Affixes are associated with each Nature?


hey, so Im tryna be more efficient on my enchanting and im always wasting crystals tryna get a specific affix. is there a roadmap? a guidepost? Im lowkey lost. thanks!


codex. natures. lists everything. :slight_smile:


in the Codex Dictionary, just compare the nature descriptions with the affix descriptions. the natures are not as powerful as the affixes, but they give a little extra bonus where you need it, if you need the little extra. one example is, for critical chance, every one has 10%. the epic affix is 15%. the cap for critical chance is 60 %. if you have 3 epic critical chance + the 10% you start with, that is 55%. the death nature is 2.5% critical chance, so if you have 2 of them, your total critical chance becomes 60%. you could go with 4 critical chance affixes, but that would waste 10% of the critical chance, unless you had the Epiphany Set, plus an extra space you could put another affix in.
as far as Enchanting goes, you need to draw your own road map. the Forums can help, and so can the Codex. but in the end, only you can craft your own dream build. one big way the Forums can help is showing which affixes can be gotten with crystals and which can only be gotten by finding an item with the affix on it.
Legend Affixes are the only affixes that have a chance of only being found on an item, and not rolled with a crystal.
Myth Stones are placed in sockets.
Mythic Affixes are a recipe of 4 Myth Stones placed in sockets.
Crystal Affixes can be rolled with crystals or found, but are rare.


Awesome Thanks for the advice.

Let me ask this. Lets say I want to get the “Momentum” Set applied to an item. does the item’s nature matter? I’ve been trying a bunch of combinations, what steps would you take to ensure you received the set when you roll the crystal?


Item nature always matters. Its always there no matter what affix you add on an item. But there is no move speed nature to affect momentum of course.


Let me ask it another way, Does the item need to be of a specific nature to get the Momentum set to be one of the selectable options when I roll?




I see. Thanks for clearing that up.


Momentum is a Set that can only be gotten on Warrior items from drops, or rolled with Amethyst on a Warrior item. if a Wizard or Rogue wants Momentum, you need to use Jasper to change the Warrior item to the class you want it to be.
Natures are separate from Sets, although some Natures work well with some Sets.


Makes soooooooo much sense. my momentum set was Jaspered from warrior stuffs!!! good lookin out!


Jasper everything. You find some treasures. I love jaspers … they rock !


Check my Chimera build emporium guide on here. Everything is jaspered or crafted


yeah bro you got stuff from everywhere!