Which are the 2 best eternal trophies I have for 2v2 pvp?



since this is for 2v2 PVP, put the best Bloodless on one Character and best Flawless on the other, depending on what you have the most trouble with in the Arena. does the Hireling in PVP use their Trinket? I mean, can the Hireling activate it? or does the Main Character activate both at the same time? I haven’t really paid attention to this aspect of 2v2, but it has been on my mind. I just haven’t checked it out yet. doesn’t help that I haven’t worked on a serious 2v2 PVP Team yet.


Hirelings trophy works it seems when I analyse thebattle maps


just jaspering things like this at the moment


this would make an interesting yet strange part of a PVP build. except for the Armor affix, this could be a good part of a build I am using, but am thinking of replacing. :roll_eyes: I bet you find 20 more Eternal Trinkets before you make a decision on which one to use. :wink: :scream:


Could you imagine having the block spawning as chrysalline :slight_smile:


I dont think the increase would be too much, only another 15% at most
Crystal affixes dont get doubled


Oh well :cry:


do you mean having an Epic affix changing to Crystal affix when you Jasper an item? haven’t heard of that, but that would be crazy. but that would end up being more expensive in Dust and Jasper! I guess you could use 1 Eternal item, jasper it 100 times, and see if you can get a crystal affix from using Jasper. but what if it can go the other way. when using Jasper, there is a chance a Crystal affix gets reversed to an Epic affix? then you would have to do a comparison with getting 100 of the same item with Dust and seeing which one has the better chance to get a Crystal affix.


No that doesn’t happen. You basically buy a lot of eternals using dust with the hope of a chrystall affix on an epic. And no. . Not all epic affixes will become chrystall (sadly ). Now that would be crazy :hushed:


ahh, well, I meant just those affixes that are on the Crystal affix list. (starting to dream of Crystal Talent and Skill affixes!) I haven’t used Eternal items since I was a beginner, and haven’t taken the time to find one that I would like to craft a build around, although I have seen a few that I might be interested in. which is why I don’t know much about Eternal items. except for which Crystals work on them.


Haha chrysalline talent or skills affixes :laughing:That’s what I mean crazy. Wishful thinking pal :slight_smile:


:thinking: :roll_eyes: