Which is better 5000 Armor vs. +10 strength in ARENA


thanks sir…


1v1 league AI setting @CuzegSpiked


The real problem I found about such optimization was crafting restrictions and number of available affixes. But I use computational methods when I have enough affixes set and few available affixes, for example, maximizing HP with x slots left, minimizing damage with y slots lefts, etc.

There is an example: “What combination of crystal versions of Total HP% and Luck% gives greatest HP, considering you have Faun’s Gifts (3) and 6 Nature “of Luck” + 1 Epic Luck”?

Program’s Output (L is luck and H is Total HP%):
L H Multiplicator
0 6 2.96775
1 5 3.3255
2 4 3.6014000000000004
3 3 3.5246500000000003
4 2 3.372375
5 1 3.144575
6 0 2.84125

Like I said, balancing things usually gives greatest values.


Lol me feeling like it more complicated than it actually is but then again, people calculate and do things in different and better ways than me xD. I mean I created good quality build and it’s also great learning about how to make a really good arena build thanks to Mr Scooty so now I can do so forever. Even though I created arena build before discordance orb, it wasn’t as good even though it was one of the best of that time .

Of course I could definitely plan well for arena but me knowing how effective having a fair amount of DMG Reduction, hp, DMG with ED but no % ED , etc being really helpful.


I usually prefer planning before trying because the insane amount of crystals I need in order to make arena’s expensive gears xD


Same here of course. But I started off with trial and error before I learnt to plan carefully. Despite that, I did learn a heck of a lot.

My discordance rogue orb build took a huge amount of planning to really get right and practise since it wasn’t easy to master unlike the wizard orb discordance but I saw the potential and wanted to use it. Originally for PvE but I saw the PvP potential and tested with my PvE build and got up to division 2 that way.

Then I changed it thanks to advice and new knowledge learnt.

I got many builds in theorycraft more and a few of my high quality builds start off due to planning. My first ever builds however weren’t by huge planning but by using others ideas in hopes on making my ideas betters.


Oh yeah, sure. My very firsts builds had no planning too, I didn’t get too far though, I remember always being stuck somewhere between mythic and eternal league.


Same. It took me a little planning to break the eternal league barrier but also I made mistakes to stop me. It was a matter of crystals (which was harder then) but I planned mostly on my own a little bit but had the help of teacup and cronos to improve it even better .
Still, my current builds show just how far I’ve come in knowledge and I can easily see how I can change my old builds and anyone builds.