Which is better 5000 Armor vs. +10 strength in ARENA


plssss help me to answer my question…


That depends…

Legend 5000 Armor becomes 1200 AR

Legend 10 Strength can become;
—2 Strength for 1000 AR, 2% HP and 50 HP Regan

—3 Strength for 1500 AR, 3% HP and 75 HP Regen


so if we have +3 strength, it is better than 1200 AR?


Reckon so mate plus you get 3% HP and 75 HP Regen




On damage reduction, which of the two is more efficient Armor or Resist?



i want to get that +3…


That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are so many synergies for Armor and Resistance. If you want to avoid MH charge and Whirlwind skills, then you might not pursue as much AR in order to avoid Battlemage Set. I am not trying to be vague but it really really depends on what you are trying to craft.

Formulating a plan, designing/theory craft, testing, executing, making adjustments, testing etc. It’s an iterative process. However, if you have a general idea about what you want your character to do, you can craft around your idea with all the affixes available and 42 slots to fit them. At the end of the day, you may not need much AR or Resistance at all for what you envision.


At the end of the day, you may not need much AR or Resistance at all for what you envision.
what do you mean of this?


That comment simply means you may want to kill faster, avoid damage, Regen, etc. This means you would sacrifice AR, Resist etc for damage, avoidance, Regen. Take Mandelbrot’s craft below for example.


Like Mr. Scooty said, it depends.
What I can tell you is the greatest DMG reduction from armor/resist is having same affixes number of both. Actually proofing this requires multivariate calculus, but you can convince yourself testing values.


Yes, it takes quite a bit of mathematical optimization to get the most out of the 42 affixes.


Okay. I get your point.


Thank you for that. Well I’m doing my best to calculate by using the formula given in the game and here in forum.


can you teach me to set my AI? may be you encountered it many times?


Hope this helps? I should probably create a topic with that post.


It depends on the . Equip affix


It depends on what build you make , if you do 1v1/2v2 , how you want it to behave , does it camp, does it hit and run, does it ruthlessly go for you or stay very defensive all around while attacking.

So many variables of course and testing. It’s also good to sometimes change up A.I settings every once in a while to something you like