Which is better coat pro or elemental critical?

I’m confused about that two thing in pve…
Hmm which one is the t
Better coat proc or elemental critical?
Ill use it in PvE

Element crit is better. Cz yi will get bigger chance to trigger frezze or other elementcrit for sure. Coat proc is good but yea it still a proc. You wont rely your attack for something not sure. Right?? Unless you have more than 50 % coat proc… Then you can use coat proc

Elemental crit
coat proc has 1 sec delay

Procs have no delay.

It depends on build. Procs are chance per second (even if you can only do 1 or 100 attacks per second, you will only have 25% chance to proc) and coat gives 50% crit and ele crit chance to the next attack when uninvested. While Ele Crit is chance per attack.

One can have +100% Coat Proc, right? Then even if it’s +100% Coat Proc, it will only trigger crit and e.crit by 50%???

1 Yes but do understand that Procs are per second so even at 100% Proc, it will not trigger on all of your attacks.

2 During Coat weapon’s duration, you will get a minimum of 50% Crit and Ele Crit on all of your attacks (depending on your other affixes you can get 100% Crit and Ele Crit). The duration ends 0.1s after you hit something. Veil will increase this after hit Duration.

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So that explains the +Crit% when leveling the Coat Weapon skill. Codex description should be updated, stating the minimum 50% crit chance though. :confused:

I personally use +50% Coat proc instead of +45% Crit Chance and +30% Elem Crit. I thought it’s sure crit upon proc of Coat. :frowning:

Anyways, thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile:

Coat was just nerfed this patch. So I think the devs forgot to update the description.

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elem crit. i agree with eater. coat proc has 1 second delay. if the coat proc activated. your hero will stand for 1 second. before they cast the next skill ( only pro can see that )

I only just realised that lol. I’m glad I found out though but I think the other nerfs were that it doesn’t crit much (I tried coat proc in PvP but it didn’t work as well as I expected). Obviously it doesn’t be as broken as 2.0 coat mechanics either. Coat in PvE is fine though.

Then, you are a noob. Like I said, there is no delay. You can see in the vid below that I have 0 Ele crit and the effect of Coat Weapon Proc applies IMMEDIATELY!


if you are rogue user with +20 coatweapon heroic skill or more = better use this. (+20 coat weapon skill has 15.75% crit chance, and more duration) coat proc has 1s cooldown, it mean if you have more duration coatweapon and high % chance of coat proc (example: 50%) and using mh skill with 0 cd and high atkspeed. your character will always trigger coatproc after the coatweapon duration end. (forever)
if you are not rogue user = better use elemental crit chance
why not use coat proc? because coat proc without heroic skill from rogue has low duration and low crit chance. its like only 0.5s duration
both have advantages.

The Coat weapon’s effect ends when you hit something. So the increase in duration from the heroic skill does not help you in the way that you think. Veil will as it can increase the after hit duration to 1.7s.

No, it does not. No Proc in the game has a CD, absolutely none.

50% Crit chance is higher than a Crystal Affix. How is this low?

Basically use Coat Weapon Proc if you want bonus MS, Crit and Ele Crit with 1 affix. If you ONLY want Ele Crit, obviously use the Ele Crit affix. If they made Coat Proc better than Ele Crit, there would be no point in the latter given that it does SO much more than provide Ele Crit. <.<

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sory bad english
-so, the coatproc effect is 50% crit chance with 50 %ele crit chance?
-then the coatweapon skill + 20 give 15.75% bonus crit chance?
-(total crit chance increse while coat proc in duration is 65.75%)?
-and the coatweapon buff only apllies on 1 next attack in duration? not apllies all attack in coat proc duration? it mean coatweapon buff gone after 1 attack?
CMIIW :grin:
i hope devs give more information in next update on codex dictionary.

Until its duration ends or you hit something, Coat weapon gives 20% MS, 2x(your crit chance + 15%)+Heroic Skill bonus and 2x(your ele crit chance + 25%). Players have a default of 10% Crit and 0% Ele Crit so without any investment, it will give 20% MS, 50% Crit and 50% Ele Crit until you hit something.

it mean the bonus buff from coateweaopon can over max cap?

Skills ignore all caps. This why permastealth is so popular.

Maybe the delay is the animation effect.