Which is better?

Emperean mythic or sanctuary for my hireling.
( basically my hireling does all the killing)

I wouldn’t bother with Sanctuary on my hireling since it’s only 10,000 G to revive. Doing so many times while clearing a map is no big deal. However, I love having Sanctuary on my main character though. Can’t comment on Empryean.

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I thought the same also but i need damage. Will empyrean be any good in pve?

Empyrean is better if your hireling has high survival affix like block & dodge :wink:

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If your hireling is your killing machine so go for empyrean but . I suggest don’t put .

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Hahaha ive made up my mind im goin for empyrean now hehehe

Oh nice profile pic. Good job for choosing OPman (one punch man is OP so it suits him to be called OPman).

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Lol thanks hehehe his a very awesome character and i like his personality a lot hehehe

Also i want a build that pretty much 1 punches everything so there you go my motivation hahaha

Lol. kind of like me. I really liked that anime too XD.

Well my orb build kind of reflected that lol.

I guess you could say cronos was an OPman too. Well he likes some anime and his build is to be overpowered. A one punch or super saiyan build.

Like Naruto has the Super Saiyan mode which is the Nine Tailed fox mastery whilst Goku has many Saiyan forms. Yellow is the OP colour and what’s common is that they all wear yellow.
Even one Punch Man wear yellow.

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Is there??? Omg i need to check that build! Can you link me please :sob::sob::sob::sob:

What do you mean? My orb build I already posted can one hit k.o sometimes. Like my will of the force build dealing say so many crits to easily destroy people before flawless victory and my OP seasonal Maiden build.

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The orb build huhuh i really want to check it out… :sob::sob:also i need a build that uses one charater for all the damaging and the other just run around picking up loots hahaha

Speaking of on build, my discordance orb chakram rogue has updated yet again. Prepare to face me in eternal league after facing the tricky AI.

Mr Scooty , Midlumer and the others are all serious now XD. Immortal build that takes many draws before they are finally defeated.

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Awesome i like a challenge from time to time… Someday when i face ur ai i will post the result of the match. As of now ill stay low and tweek my build little by little hehehehe ive already started to face these powerful opponents and im lovin it since my build isnt even complete yet hahha

I don’t think my A.I is that good but we will see. I know I’ve heard it getting harder and me winning a fair amount of away chest but since I changed it just today, I can’t wait to hear what people think about by A.I.

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Hehehe i will try my best to defeat u sir cuzeg with my crappy build