Which mh mythic has the highest range?

Guys i want to ask you that because there are many strong builds in battle arena some of the ai are so well set i cant reach them with out getting one shoted can you help me what mythic is best for the rogue overall and some survival tips would be so appreciated

Max dogde, block to start with

Widely used mythic for arena is cosmic orb due to high hit freq. Enigma/blinkstrike is used for short range char to catch up enemies. If you are worried about enemies catching up to you, try having rockblast mythic and vault OH weap. This will help u knockback enemies and at the same time escape approaching enemy. Vault best defensive weapon in arena because players dont equip blind immune/resists :wink:.


Apocalypse is good for the summons

me i dont use mythic on weapon i just use recover and sanctuary…

wanna see my build guys? called warwizard!!

Sure :slight_smile:

Show us plz

Cosmic orb highest range in terms of how far it travels. As far as highest range without moving, that goes to rockblast.

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and also try living force so cosmic orb will go back

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actually its my build thoug and Cerebral vortex is not cool anymore!!

Cosmic orb goes far but don’t not enough like Arc and with prismatic the Cosmic orb ain’t good enough. So in an prismatic base build the Arc is better because i can hit monsters. Example: poison resist monsters and fire resist monsters (in the same map) i can kills them with one single beam and with works even better in the pack size maps.

I prefer cosmic orb because of its wider AOE and longer duration as well as hitting many monsters in packsize and TNT props but I do understand since you won’t always aim cosmic orb as a Prof. Arc can come at enemies when you’re in range and 5 arc beams is nice and decent damage.

The hit frequency on cosmic orb though is insane , combined with my orb build and it is almost OP with crushing blow. Crushing flames helps too but I use frozen.

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Agreed to @CuzegSpiked, other mh mythic i will choose same too it is because of the hit frequency and the duration of the cosmic orb other than the range cosmic orb is more effective in long range battle

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