Which One Is The Best In Pve In Fighting High Resistant Monsters?

ignore resist , effective (mythic) , or weaken …

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Midlumer did a great job on this.

Short answer:
1st. Weaken
2nd. Effective Mythic
3rd. Ignore Resist


deym i hate monsters with effect of immune i feel like pathetic

Ignore resist = 100% weaken, so if you don’t have a lot of space,use ignore resist

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how to counter immune efffect monsters i hate so much …

Ascendent, elements set or use 2 elements

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Ignore Resist doesn’t = 100% Weaken. Ignore Resist causes Poison, Shock, Ice, & Fire to act like Arcane Element against ALL Elements. the good thing about this is that you no longer do 50% less DMG against Resistant Elements, like Shock attacks do -50% DMG against monsters on Shock Maps. the bad thing is that you don’t do Effective DMG, like Shock attacks doing +25% DMG against monsters on Poison Maps. this means you don’t have to worry about a monsters Resistance, or any Greatly Resist or Immune, you just ignore those. but because of that, you can’t use Ignore Resist with Effective Mythic or Weaken. the other good thing with IR is that you only need one of these on your Build.

Effective Mythic does away with a monsters resistance to it’s Element, so you don’t have to worry about doing -50% DMG and all Elements do +25% DMG against all Elements. but you are affected by Greatly Resist and Immune. can be used with Weaken.

Weaken is the best of the 3. if you have Weaken +100%, using Shock on a Shock Map, Weaken is added to the 0.5, or 50%, DMG. you would be doing 150% DMG instead of half DMG. the down side to using Weaken is that if it is under 100%, then you have a chance to do Weaken, it isn’t automatic. one Crystal +90% Weaken is 90% chance to have 90% Weaken. plus to get Weaken over 100% takes up 2 spaces, 3 spaces minimum if you want to get to +200% Weaken Cap. the upside to using Weaken is all the extra DMG you are doing. can be used with Effective Mythic.


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