Whirling Blades?

Any way yo make whirling blades more useful?
They occupy the usage of boomerang.
I want to use both however.

I’m new and not 100 yet. Which items do support both, or what can you do else about it.

Regardless of the weapon you use, you will always end up disabled from using your MH primary skill when the chakrams from whirling blades are still spinning around you.

In short, you cannot use whirling blades simultaneously with any primary MH skill. No remedy.


while using Whirling Blades, until one of the Chakrams return to you, your MH Primary is disabled. so you would have to wait or move towards one of the Chakrams to help it return faster, or use OH Skills until one returns.

It is such a long time can you really not shorten It?
Other builds can… ‘specialist’ cast twice, ‘clearcast’ chance to reduce cool down and cast quickly again, or simply reduce cool down and cast quickly again… and oyhet shenanigans;not to forget they can use primary indeed.

Yes im using traps during the flight. But was hoping for maybe some cool mid game or end game possibilities to shorten the weakness of not being able to use boomerang, like you can do it for other things mostly by legendary affixes.


Try extra attack with zenith. Have the talent that roots with traps. Random ideas.

Celerity used to work with Whirling Blades, but was changed to only work with Boomerang. because of the way Whirling Blades works, speeding up the Chakrams return left holes in the Chakrams Whirling pattern that left enemies untouched. kind of like when you are moving when casting WB, some monsters get hit and others don’t. there are a few posts on the subject.

Cool Down doesn’t affect the time the Spell lasts, only the time between casting the Spell the first time and the next time.

Specialist works like Mirrorcast, but for Special Skills only. Elements Set works like this also. and they work with Whirling Blades. Clearcast wouldn’t work with Whirling Blades because you are still waiting for the Chakrams to return to be able to cast them again, even when your Cool Down is reset.

I understand the change, but they didn’t make up for it or did they?

Nice that specialist works. Elements I looked at, nice set but far away for me (I’m floor 400+ easy/epic with leveling warrior 89)

Chakram is my favorite Rogue Weapon, but I always had problems with using it, when I first started playing DQ. which is the main reason I went over to Wizard. but I have a better understanding of DQ now, and have a better understanding of how best to use Chakrams, but I have played Wizard for so long, I would basically be starting over with Rogue when I start Crafting a Rogue Chakram Build.

One cool trick is to use chakram with a trickster set affix , a couple of mirror image procs and switch as a OH skill. Chakrams heaven :star_struck:

I believe so :wink: have fun!

Oh I have that trickster affix I believe.

but I like the traps atm (using them since beginning)

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Whirling blades works really well with crushing flames and perma stealth. At the floor you are at, the most damage you can get is from using phantasmal image ( chakram item) and items that buff bleed damage, use vampiric touch.

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was just thinking that Fire, Poison, & Arcane Elements and their Elemental Crits would work great with Whirling Blades. Shock & Ice wouldn’t work as well, unless you Crafted your Whirling Blades Build the right way to make use of those Elements and their Elemental Crits.

I know I am now talking about a Wizard Build, but I recently noticed that Orbit can cause Bleed, so no matter what the Class is, Orbit with lots of Arcane ED% & Celestial with Bleed can cause lots of DMG for Builds that need to get up close and personal to smack down enemies.

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