Whirlwind resource dilema

I searched the forums for info on this this and didn’t find much. For my build, i spam whirlwind and run out of mana/resource. I have changed some things to help sustain my resource, but that merely slows the end result. My questions are:

  1. What are my options for having infinite whirlwind?
  2. And which one is the most slot efficient.

P.S. I cant login to the forums on my phone. Is that normal or do I have a problem with the phone?

save your affix slots. craft an energy mythic. problem solved. one affix.

as for loggin in, thats odd. perhaps ask @tdaniel in support?

I dont think you looked very far :joy::joy: i recently posted a build using whirlwind… i use alchemy which offers no help to sustain, my HP and MP are 9’300 each mainly clear cast 50%, 25% resource cost and a small amount of regen…
Picking up orbs usually keeps me full enough

This was on a very low floor… ive had major issues with legendary pets so im using the monster spawn thingy :sweat:

Just add two clear cast mythstones (clarity) more attacks, better sustain and with haunting ring (from rogue) you gain double damage from its bonus :blush:

if you use discordance, your whirlwind will use primary mana cost instead of special.
right now I am using equivalence and harmony with 2x epic hp on hit to spam my twister. even with maxed cool down, my hp/mp hardly goes down, usually only when I meet some mean monster using thorns. 4 slots, but I wonder if one will do, or hope for a crystal hp on hit, then only 3 spaces.

You can use Energy Mythic or MP on Hit.

Looks like energy solved my dilemma nicely. That for the advice guys. Ima try a few more things to get some survivability on my build.

Also phone dilemma was solved as well. Just needed to allow cookies.


good stuff

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