Newer casual player here having some questions please. I love the ww/taunt combo but im having some difficulty passing fl 360 on m3. I use poison and i have some things id like to keep such as hunter ring and wrath. Can someone help me with a workaround for damage and survivability? I see folks dealing billions of damage and on floors 1000+. However i dont fully understand the mechanics of all the affixes and whatnots. Id be happy to post my current build for some advice on tweaking certain aspects of the gear to help me along a tad bit.

Survivability on high floors relies on evasion (dodge + block). It’s better than relying on HP cause it is usually cheap. 60% Dodge + 45% Block = 78% Evade Chance. Combine this with sanctuary to survive longer.

For absurd DMG numbers, I first recommend checking some builds with following strategies: Poison-Cloud + Plagued, Frozen, Crushing Blow + Crushing Flames/Eletrocution or Ascendant + Arcanist. There are many builds here so you can compare them and find what is the pattern about these builds.

As a personal choice, I usually I like Crushing Flames cause high damage with few requirements.


I use the plagued and i get damage on average of 1.4m but sometimes with +pack size maps i see 40m rarely. I guess thats because i have many enemies poisoned. Im currently trying to figure out how to upload my screenshots so you can better assist me. As for looking at others builds the problem i see is basicly nobody uses ww/taunt and i just cant get with the other stuff. My axe is cyclone axe so i am constantly pulling in mobs. When taunt is on cooldown cyclone keeps them coming in and as i take damage the +2% hp on hit keeps me alive. At least till i get froze in an aoe pool or the dang worms get me.

Yes, bro. It is the plagued effect: +Enemies poisoned = +Poison DOT DMG. Since you’re using Warrior, you may consider using sprint for poisoning many enemies before attacking to get more DMG.

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pretty sure that didn’t work lol

You may consider using more set affixes, such Adventurer.

Yessir i meant to but ran dry on that crystal… Im farming them up to supplement. Thank you so much.

Are… In your opinion… Mythics worth the time? I crafted an entire set of mythics just need to get the affixes straight. Or is that slot better left to crystal and legend affixes.

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I ask because i play m3 exclusively and have since i could survive there. Like player lvl 30 haha. Ive ascended twice on m3 and get a lot of crystals. And gold. I dont get high tier crystals and mythstones but when my gold hits about 15m i convert them so i have obsidian and below also master mythstone and below. So i can make about anything with proper luck.

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Yes, many mythics are very powerful, such resource systems, sanctuary, empyrean, skilled, brutal, 30% powerful procs, etc. which are a great increase. Although, some of them are somewhat expensive for new players. But you can look at them on wiki:

Just look at their effect and deliberate if they are worth of using mythstones or not for your own purposes.