Who are your comedy hero's?

Mine are laurel and hardy, Monty python, the Marx brothers, Peter cook and Dudley moore, Bill hicks, erold Lloyd and sacha baron cohen


Add Paul whitehouse, Paul Merton , dawn french, Jennifer saunders, Ronnie barker, David jason, Jim reeves, Bob mortimer, Harry enfield, Adrian Edmondson, Matt lucas and Katherine tate

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hmmmmmm I have never really thought about it. But Rodney Dangerfield is a good one, Bill Murray, pretty much everyone in the Police Story/Airplane movies…hilarious.

Growing up I liked Jim Carey (although his isn’t that funny anymore), lots of the folks on SNL (Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, David Spade, etc).

Recently I have really liked Steve Carroll (the shows/movies he has produced not necessarily the movies he acts in…although the office was good and Angie Tribeca is a fantastically hilarious show to me.

Also…I am terrible at spelling so if those peoples names are wrong…apologies to those folks :wink:


I’d have to say Steve Martin, Phil Hartman (RIP), and George Carlin (RIP)…


Steve Martin in the jerk was funny


And I adore Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. I saw that film when it first came out and i still love it. And off topic , I love the gremlins films


A few more. Gene Wilder, Chris Farley, Chevy Chase, Mel Brooks, Don Rickels, Tim Hawkins, and the entire cast of Carol Burnett Show.


Gene wilder in blazing saddles , young frankenstien , stir crazy etc


One of my favourite comedy films is an American werewolf in London. Absolutely terrified me as a teenager. Still makes me jump. But still funny in a dry way

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I liked the first half of silver streak with Gene Wilder and Richard Prior. The second half dragged a bit. First half was hillarious

Mia khalifa my hero