Who else think's this?(Warning:Some content not included:)

So i know that this is like every other RPG out there but shouldn’t their be 4 different skill tree that branch off to other skills not only 2? Sorry DQ Developer’s if i am offending you

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I disagree that Dungeon Quest is like every other role playing game out there, by a huge margin. There are a lot of “pay to play” games out there that offer skills you describe “but” those games have only one weapon. You also end up paying a lot of currency ($, £, etc) to have weapon X and the X, Y , & Z skills so you can compete with everyone else.

The Dungeon Quest team is small but very customer focused!! They have developed a game where you have main and off hand weapons. Each of those weapons have primary and secondary skills. You can change secondary skills with Amber, craft mythic gear, numerous combinations / set synergies… it’s a huge puzzle with 42 affixes. The DQ team continues to improve, refine and introduce new gear etc.

I will be approaching two years with this App soon and still enjoy PVE & PVP. There are so many combos that have not been explored etc.

The developer does surveys and I know I requested something similar to what you described. Example:


No offence taken at all :).

TBH it is great when players take the time tell us what they would prefer or what they would want to see in DQ or a future game.

What our players want (and what we can feasibly provide) always have a high priority for us! Thanks for playing DQ!!


@Mr_Scooty @tdaniel I didn’t mean that i didn’t like the skills set that DQ offers i was just saying if it had a broader band of skill’s like say you wanted to be a summoner you could have more than the little guy and the command dude(not saying this isn’t amazing).Like summon a certain type like Cerberus or maybe a cyclops or a dragon<–(which would be cool).I know that happen’s alot in Rpg summoner game’s i thought it would just be cool to have something like that :smile: Also thank you guys for replying to me ::blush:

O my now i get why you said that now Mr_Scooty .I didn’t mean that DQ is like every other RPG i meant that my opinon about the skill tree is what alot of other RPG’s have. Since alot of RPG’s have those really big skill tree’s . lol sorry for the confusion.

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I did not take offense to anything you wrote. I was trying to make the case that Dungeon Quest has a lot to offer - not only the game play but that you have the opportunity to be heard by the developer!!! Yes, the summoner dragon combo sounds cool - I had mentioned something similar to what you described when I submitted the survey. No Worries!! I like to read the feature suggestions and imagine how cool they might be if implemented. :grin:


:slight_smile: thanks for replying to my post


I hope you didn’t read my response and think I’m one of those snarky, jackhole type of people… when you are passionate about something, sometimes it can come across as being negative - please do not think I’m that way. :grin:

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I just hope that dev make DQ unplayable on rooted device, if it too much since some root their device use screen recorder to record the game then i think dev should make a patch where it can detect third party apps that ppl use to cheat from play the game.

for arena maybe dev should make something (upon searching battle/opponent) to prevent ppl that use modded DQ apk to play in arena/ ranking match.


No Mr_Scooty i didn’t think that :laughing:

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@cronos4321 I think that devs being devs play DQ on rooted devices, so it is probably not that easy to detect cheating players and be 100% sure they are cheating and not playing normally.

I have a legit account (everything earned) and a dev account (everything magically added to my inventory) :slight_smile:


this is the true power of dev lol :smile:


We don’t test on rooted devices here at sbhq.

The android market is so fractured (a HUGE amount of devices) that we cannot possibly make sure we work on each one. On top of that if I had to test our game on a normal device then test it again on a rooted one…I would pull out my non-existing hair :smile:


well about the rooted phone we cannot deal it simply because there are lots of benefits for rooted phone not only for cheating. I have a rooted device but it is for study purpose only :smile:

I havent meant that you test DQ on rooted devices, only that you might play DQ on rooted devices, because devs have a higher probability of owning them. So it would be a bad idea to ban DQ on rooted devices, because you would probably ban yourselves and also many people who dont cheat, but have rooted their devices because of other reasons.

That why i give another suggestion on that. Make the game have some sort of security to detect third party apps that used to change value whatsoever in game. When the apps detect third party app try to change value etc. bomb~ Force Close the game


But this must be very hard. For example if you cheat perfect values on your item, you can do it also by using crystals, so modded apks can have a way to cheat perfect values by using crystals. How do they get this crystals? For example some modded apk can use perma Crystal drop feat, so you dont cheat this crystals, but get them normally. Devs could implement a way to check if you collected more than 100 crystals in a minute, but probably modded apk could change that number to be under 100.

I made a lot of assumptions here, but either way its pretty hard i think.

I like the idea of detection when changing value but is it better to detect it before opening the game right? :smile:

it will be better whenever the app detect the third party apps. on start up, middle of game. i just want them goes crazy with the game force close when they try to cheat haha


I already tried a game that has a 3rd party app detection but some of them are fail for example it will also force close or dont start when detected a 3rd parties app like facebook messenger so it will take some time to finish the detector for 3rd party :smile: because even a screen recorder is a 3rd party app xD