Who is your most hated Opponent on Arena?

I hate long range opponents it’s like they just stay in the corner but they can reach the whole arena, I have to proc my shield wall to silence with my trophy, the tanks that have enigma, with scalp I have 4k hp that’s why I easily die with bleed, then I also hate my own AI cause everytime I open my account it really drops most of my trophies, storm rogues like me are like bonus in the arena

For me , before regen builds are not yet nerfed . Its Seigeheart and Messiah , Sadly i couldnt face mr scooty’s AI before update . :pensive: and now its Hetzer of Nuique . He did something to his build after i got top1 . Haha :grin: got some huge armor and counter regen for Bloodmagic . Still one of the best Camper build kudos to him.