Who says you can't have an Army in DQ!

I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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Yay I remember the good old days of my

how come your hp have gone to 500k…

Yeah that build was cool. Also the funny name.

Using BloodMagic. As I remember I maxed the HP up to 2.5M

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Here’s a snapshot of what I think I will call, “The White Lightning Brigade”. It’s a spectacular thing to see in Action. I recorded some videos of it, I’ll upload them later.

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PvP with summoners mythic and such an army to be tanky and deal damage. I’ve seen it before but that was a year ago.

Yeah that army is useful in PvE.

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I feel ya, this tag team wouldn’t last a second in PvP. But it is fun to play!

Editors Notes: There was a problem with the privacy setting. Try this vid out!

I call it Shock and Awww team play. Enjoy