Why a whirlwind build isn't viable for high lvl (2k or 3k+ M3)?

Yo, all is in the title

only 1k+ can achieve the whirlwind type build warrior
2k+ floor damage is not enough in the floor onwards but theirs a experiment lately that can stand in 2k+ floor using Hyper armor

and also you are 1 hit in the 2.5k+ floor
advisable farm for warrior whirlwind type is 1k-1.9k floor

Actually any floor is possible for whirlwind warrior. It just depends on what build you make.

crushing blow + crushong flames mandatory i guess

2k+ Floors, hmmmm do dual Element Ice + Poison = Floor Rape. :blush:

Hope it helps.

because you have to be close to hit the enemy. If you dont have a proper affixes for to dodge their attack, youll die. Your other option is to use whirlwind to trigger procs. But whirlwind alone is not viable in high floors

i made build for warriors but i did not post it i did frozen cross-fire build but it can only go up to floor 2k only the problem lies in the long range enemy that hits you this is using taunt+whirlwind alone without any proc

taunt ice nova OH and Fire whirlwind

but someone is experimenting hyper armor build for warrior i dont know if it is finish rebuilding it.

i stop making PVE build im now experimenting PVP build :heart_eyes:

better to use in hiking floor wiz or rouge fast and smooth :sunglasses:

Whirlwind+ double strike+ crushing blow + procs+ cosmic orb+ your element of choice + block+dodge . It’s not bad though and even better with like 80% block and dodge with the immortal PvE builds (huge block with dodge, smoke bomb, stealth, etc).

Dodge and block, a range skill toss es very useful combine brutal with cristal deadly stryke and inmolate, cri dmg multi attack ignore resist orb proc double cast, death nature in all gear, and explosive infernó set nubmber+ fire and poison element sprint skilled for run fast hp on hit bloodbath run and kill all