Why are some items good?


I found some ragnarok, Frozen Fate, Fate travesty and Flintstock Lance on my warrior but the damage (as compared in screen) is lower than my Axe (Satyr Bane)

Why are everyone using them?

By the way how do I create 4 slot ring?

Thanks for reading!

because they have Defiant,100% weapon damage, 100% elem damage. Which are essential in crafting your mainhand weapon that will suit your build

Can you please elaborate more? thanks!

simply because your damage calculation will come from your mainhand’s damage ^^ most skills are based on mainhand’s dmg

They probably show less on the DPS meter because you have next to nothing for the desirable stats to be based on. +100% WD is useless if you only have 1 WD.
You can create a four slot ring with Zircons, but you’re better off to just farm one. Just make sure you have the most luck, item drop, and gold find that you can muster when you farm. :smile:
You can find alot of helpful tips here:

Simply use a Zircon (CS16) on the Ring that has less than 5 affix inside until you have the desired amount of slots on the gear.

Additionally, a Ring dropped from ingame may sometimes have already 4 above slots. This will save you some CS16 for the slots.

Hi there, my dps is definitely not 1 lol. My mainhand is ilvl 100 axe, ard 20k dps. However when compared to Ragnarok there is significant decrease in damage (like ~60%)

Any idea what I have to use with those rare items?

A couple things could be happening.

You could be comparing things of different elements, for example. Frozen Fate multiplies elemental damage, which is really really good, but if you aren’t using that element it does nothing for you.

You could also be comparing items of different ilevel or quality. Comparing one weapon with ilvl 100 / iq 25% to another with ilvl 50 / iq 0% will result in obvious dps differences.

Also, I’m guessing your Heroic Skill points are increasing damage for axe skills (since you mentioned Satyr’s Bane as your MH), which would explain why you see a drop in dps if you tried a lance. For example, having +5 Cleave on your helm would all of a sudden do nothing.

The main thing though, and what @Skaul was alluding to, is that the multipliers on an item are really what make it valuable. You might have 20k dps on your MH now, but those other items have affix multipliers that your MH doesn’t have – and when it comes to maximizing your damage to every last slot on all your items, even one +100% damage affix is a no-brainer decision.

There’s a damage formula in the codex that you can use if you want to technically figure these things out.