Why cheat

Ok so normally when people cheat there is at least bragging rights or something to gain from. Why do people cheat in this game lol. I never even thought of doing it cuz it’s not even hard to get every item in the game including eternals. Even if your desired outcome is to cheat in arena u end up in a banned league or it’s not satisfying anyways either way they’ll catch u before u get rank 1 trust me on that. But literally the only reason I would ever cheat is if I was done with the game and wanted to do it for research purposes like trying to see how hard floor 100k would be or just exploiting 1 hit items idk I dont see the reason to do so it ruins any satisfaction.

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as far as DQ goes, the Legit Cheaters like to see how far they can go with what is available in the game in the Campaign. kind of like the mind set of Developers & Testers. and they wont put these Characters with hacked stuff in PVP.

the Hacking Cheaters, well, for the thrill and excitement, or they feel it is their right to be better by cheating, or some weird mind set that they wont be constrained by any wall or limits placed on them by others, the rules don’t apply to them, etcetera.

but you are right. a good Farm Build can get you anything you need for the Idea you want to Craft. there are some affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals, so some Builds might not be possible because of the items they are on versus the needs of the Build.

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