Why dont we have fight your replica option in arena practice mode?!

Seriously i would love :heart:️ to test myself against myself lol. Please add this feature for the good of this game. This will help players to improve themselves for ranked play and add even more fun to the game trust me :hugs: also it would be so awesome if we could edit our enemy with unlocked items… i cant imagine the fun of this :smile:


its been almost a day now cmon dudes at least say “yay” or “nay”. Back up this good idea pls pls pls

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+1 Yes this would be very fun to fight against myself. I must have missed this post yesterday.


I’m sure it would be an interesting way to figure our my A.I :smiley: .

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Now that community approved this its time to aim the big guys if mr tdaniel or mr steigerbox says yes its in the bag dudes! I cant wait omg yay! .D

for players who live in the Arena, they could make a dedicated character to test their PVP builds against. and for every one, it would be a great way to learn what does/doesn’t work in the Arena, instead of wondering why you are dying all the time. and for people with a lot of imagination, there will be a lot of new builds in the Arena that look broken or silly, but for some strange reason, they are getting more wins than losses. :smile: :wink: :sunglasses:


I fight like builds in the arena all the time and it’s always annoying lol

I will talk to Steiger about it on our end. To be very honest with you we are all pouring a ton of time into our follow up game. It is not that we do not want to support DQ, it is just very difficult to leave one development environment and take the time to do the mental switch back to very old (and from a programming perspective a very slow) development platform.

I will see what he says!


DQ should be fixed and improved before the initial release of the DQ2. No more minor glitch/bug, implemented suggestion such as this one here in the thread and newly and improved set affixes. Improvisations like new character roles, maps and new campaigns can be done in the new project. If that all happens, the former game DQ will not be dead even if DQ2 is released. :relaxed:

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this one would be great. DQ is an offline game to start with. the current AI practice mode is not enjoyable at all hehehe

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I hope we get what we want dudes. Patience is a virtue. Let us wait and see :slight_smile:

We hear ya and will discuss it on our end. No promises, but will see what we can do.