Why i can't buy another character slot

Globe telecom"this payment method has been decline"

I really want to buy another slot for a new character

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Just get a gift card for your devices game provider ( amazon or Google play ? ). Then use the redeem code. When it says insufficient credit, click on options and it will offer redeem code option. Scratch back of gift card and your redeem code is revealed. Just type it in

I try to buy using globe telecom but using globe telecom decline

I mean globe telecome payment method is decline

That’s because they don’t recognize the payment method. Is the game store on your device amazon or Google play?

Google play

Go into your supermarket. Get a 10 pound google play gift card. Enter redeem code. You will have all characters and character slots you will ever need. The redeem code is on the back but to reveal it you have to scratch it like a lottery card

Ok i try that thanks but i wish that i can buy using globe telecom hehe
But thanks a lot

I use gift cards :joy:

Where you from btw?

Same. From asda, tescos, anywhere. But now I finally have bank account.

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Yeah you can pay by credit card. A tenner a month does me. Now I’m getting good at this game i don’t bother now. But definitely get extra slots and characters as a one of purchase. Then read guides on here

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I just want to have anlther slot for another character hehe

I try to get some tips to buy slot using globe telecom

99 English pence per character. Get one of each class. It’s 3 pounds. You only need 3. The remaining 7 pounds can be spent on buying stashes. Jobs done

I play this game but i’m not buying anything but i need to have another character for fun hehe

So you’re in the UK then? Me too. England here , Coventry. (#englandisnotmycity).

Bolton , Lancashire @CuzegSpiked

I’m from the philippines hehe