Why im only in ranking

this is normal or bug…why im only one in the ranking .please help me

Players are put into divisions based on the order they enter the league. At the moment you are alone in a new division “51” since all the other divisions are filled.

Edit - or you could have cheated and were flagged for it.

this is banned pvp arena brother.
i think u edited ur eternal items?
or edited pet?

because medz ,pedro pandeko ,.mhilmcx are the top players in pvp ban league :D.
gud luck with them :smiley: or us? :smiley:
but i forgot my acc though. well anytime i can go there and be banned :smiley:

Good For You

I wonder how you know about the top players in the Banned League. And I like how you’re saying that you can go there anytime. Hmm.

Sounds like some Back to the Future shit.

Not really.

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