Why is it so powerful !? 😭

I just farming for an eternal legend on a floor. 3k map the thing is… i found a fire and it can 1 hit me😲 BUT I HAVE A IMMORTAL BUILD!!! and its only a normal slime😭

Damn You Slime😭

the higher maps you go to, the more monsters there are that can 1 hit you. I don’t know where the floor is, but eventually you reach a point where all the monsters can 1 hit you. at that point, it is having enough defense to survive, enough speed to be faster than the monsters, and enough damage to kill the monster before they realize you are on the map.

I thought Immortal builds for PvP only, in PvE, high fl mobs have crazy damage that even 0,01% can one hit u.

True Immortal in PvE is 100% Dodge or 100% Block.

go for dodge don’t go for the def, def is useless in higher floors and maximize ur DMG or use CRUSHING FLAMES