Why is my level 1 basic ring with 6 AR better than stuff with more

Hey, I just started this game.

I can’t compare items though, here’s one example:

Why does my level 1 ring with 6 AR have more DPS than the rare ring with 77 AR?

I think I’ve had it happen this same ring to be better than something else with more AR for both DPS, Protect AND HP!

Did I miss something., some tutorial?

Another example, I have a trap that gives +1 attack chance and some DPS - nothing more - and another trap with higher damage, that gives +1 attack chance, and 2.6% dodge chance. Somehow, the first trap gives me more Protection than the second.

haha, don’t worry about that. that little window in the lower left isn’t very accurate, so most players just ignore it. it is better to compare items using the Stats Page. what I think happened with these 2 items is that the ring on the right might have Haste Nature, which increases your Attack Speed, and the ring on the left doesn’t have anything affecting DPS anywhere. even the Mod’s and Dev’s say that the comparison graph isn’t very accurate.

hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick response Golem! .

It does help.
But no I had thought about some “hidden stat” too, and the ring has absolutely nothing else

Is this the window I should use to compare? Or the one where I can see DPS with each skill individually?
Also, regardless of which one, is that screen where we can see DPS with each skill accurate? Heh

Also, is there a way I can unlock or lock items?
I know some of them are automatically locked but haven’t figured out how to lock them.
*Nevermind, “figured out”, managed to find that answer in the forums :slight_smile: Easier to make the right search about locked items!

I’m sorry for all the newbie questions :frowning:

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that little screen that compares DPS, Protect, & HP confuses a lot of people. even I had trouble with it when I first started. there are a few posts on the subject, which is how I know the Dev’s and Mod’s say it isn’t very accurate. on top of that, it is hard to understand.

do you see where it says Ring of Haste? the Haste is an Items Nature. there are about 8 different Natures, and you can read about them in the Codex > Dictionary > Natures. all starting Characters have items that have Haste on them. so with all 6 starting items, you get a +15% attack speed, which means your Primary attack on your MH weapon is attacking faster.

later, when you find random items, check the Nature it has, as they are random. there is a Crystal that you will find later that can be used to put the Nature you want on your items, so you can customize your equipment.

to be honest, it is better to use the Stats Page to see these things, as it shows totals from all the items. there are a few situations where a stat isn’t a part of the Stat Page. from what I read, the totals are from boosts that are always on. Stats that are not part of the calculations are from affixes that are only active during certain conditions, like the Adventurer Set. it increases damage and movement speed when your gold picked up indicator is on. it last about 3-5 seconds, so if you don’t find any gold, then the indicator goes off and you lose the bonus. Pathfinder set boosts damage and damage reduction based on how much Dodge you have. so that is constant and shows as part of the calculation since Dodge doesn’t change. a temporary boost to Dodge can happen, and if you check the Stat Page while Dodge is boosted, you can see the change, and when the boost is done, and you check again, the stats go back to what they were.

and no worries, noobs who ask questions get answers that help make Dungeon Quest more fun!

here are a few posts asking the same question. you are not alone!

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Oh okay. Oh yeah, looks like I’m not alone!

Yeah… I see the natures in all the items i’ve been hoarding.
I’m a hoarder and as such I keep too much stuff “in case i will need”, i have like 5 bows because I can’t decide which one is better… more crit, or more speed, or much more damage…

Not knowing how to check the stats doesn’t help at all.

But in this game it’s very hard to be a hoarder heh.

Thank you once again Golem! :smiley:

no problem. it took me a long time to figure out what the different affixes do and which ones work together.

I actually played DQ for about half a year before I discovered the Forums, and when I started reading the Forums, I ended up learning a lot that helped me enjoy the game more, because I started to understand the game better.

you kind of end up hoarding when you first start, because that is the only way to make sure you have something that can kill monsters. also, you can look at the affixes on the different items and compare which ones would work better for you than others. some random items have a good combination of affixes sometimes.

here is a good story from my Noob days. I deleted my Characters a lot when I only had 1 Character Slot, and was trying to figure out which Hero I wanted to use. one of the things I noticed early was that when I started replacing my starting equipment with random equipment that were dropped by monsters, my attacks slowed down. eventually I learned about the Haste Nature, and all the other Natures. sometimes, if I had some good Natures, I would use that item, even if it had a few affixes that weren’t that good. one Nature by itself isn’t that much of a boost, but 2 or more can make a little difference that is actually a big difference.

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The curse of Golems “simple explanations” strikes again hahaha

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why must my simplicity be misunderstood as a curse? I would think my simplicity would actually be a blessing! :wink:


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
- Albert Einstein

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In the meantime I found an eternal chakram! O.o
I still don’t know what weapon I want to use for my final build, I’m just fairly certain I don’t want my offskills to be the mirror ones nor the traps. Those feel too clumky for me. But nothing beats that chakram or gets even close to it!

For some reason the items I ended up gathering lead me to poison build (before I even realised I could use those Crystals to change and improve my gear heh).

And also, looking at videos online and posts here, it looks like poison builds are more common than any other element. Is there a reason for this?


the DoT for Poison lasts for 8 seconds. each tic of DoT is 12.5% of the damage that it is based on. so if your hit does 1k damage, each tic of Poison DoT is 125 damage a second for 8 seconds.

if you get an Elemental Crit for Poison (Toxic), it creates a Toxic cloud that lasts for 5 seconds and does 4x DoT in a small AoE. so using the previous example, in addition to the 125 damage a second for 8 seconds, you are also doing 500 damage DoT for 5 seconds. if you can get 3-4 enemies in a crowd of 10 creating Toxic clouds, those 10 would be getting damage from all clouds that they are in contact with.

Blight is the Elemental Crit Damage for Poison. it increases Toxic by +100%. you could have 6 of these, one on each item. so with 1, that 500 DoT becomes 1k Dot. with 6 the Toxic 500 DoT becomes 3,500 DoT a second for 5 seconds.

Shock, Ice, and Fire Element Elemental Crits are not AoE. Arcane Element Elemental Crit has an AoE similar to Whirling Blades. it creates Arcane spheres of magic, for each target that gets Elementally Crit, that Orbit (spin) away from the caster similar to Whirling Blades. with Living Force Set, the spheres of magic will also return back to point where they started, doing even more damage on the way back. Orbit is the only Elemental Crit that you need to be close to the enemy to damage them, or draw them to you with Taunt or something.


Oh so that’s why!
Easier to kill packs with AoE.

Yeah I probably prefer to be able to kill packs easier, full poison it is!

I never saw Blight yet. Nor Rubies. I guess that’s what I’m missing to complete my “build” :smiley:

I guess I have to farm higher maps. I got to only 220-230 before I ascended.

I didn’t rush level 99, on the contrary, I had to farm 10m slowly to ascend with hireling too… and keeping too much inventory space used with legendaries to salvage after. 25k per salvage is quite costly with near no gold find as I was.

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Blight can be found on a few items. changing an items Element will change an items Elemental Crit Damage.

Poison > Blight - increase Toxic DoT +100%
Arcane > Celestial - increase Orbit DMG +100%
Shock > High Voltage - increase DMG to Paralyzed enemies +100%
Fire > Blistering - +100% Bleed DMG to Immolated enemies
Ice > Frostbiting - +100% DMG to Frozen (Elemental Crit Freeze) emenies

Elemental Crit Damage is Element specific. if you have Prismatic, with Ice MH & Chest, and Poison Head & OH. with Freeze (Epic) and Frostbiting on the Chest, and Blight & Elemental Crit (Legend). with Prismatic, your MH weapons will do Ice Damage, with a chance to be changed to Fire, Shock, or Poison. Elemental Crit and Freeze will give your Ice attacks a 45% chance to Freeze enemies, which means you also get Frostbiting, but if changed to other Elements, you still get the 45% chance for an Elemental Crit, but no Frostbiting if one of the other Elements, unless it is Poison, in which case, if you get Toxic, Blight now starts working. the OH, being Poison, would only get the +30% chance to Elemental Crit, because Freeze only works with Ice Weapons. but if Prismatic changed the Element of the Poison OH to Ice, and you got an Elemental Crit for Freeze, you would get Frostbiting instead of Blight.


Hmm. This example is somewhat confuse.

I understand that, if Prismatic changes the element to poison, the poison extra damage/elemental clicks kick in.

But as far as I know,if I have poison OH and poison head, unless I use a OH skill (say… traps), or the OH has explicit +weapon or +weapon% damage (adds to MH), then the poison damage is not dealt. We are not taking into account any damage boost from the OH (assume no other affixes, such as crit chance/attack speed, say it’s just empty sockets).

Given that case, Prismatic would not possibly change the element of the OH

By this implication either I’m wrong somewhere, or you have implicit either +weapon damage, or using OH skill.

Actually, on second thought, even many other affixes should not add Poison damage when it’s a MH skill, such as atk speed and crit chance. It’s just hitting faster or harder with whatever we’re using, in the case of a MH skill, ice.

The part about converting elemental crit into another element’s elemental crit is clear though. I just never saw any of them yet except High Voltage in some Legendary Axe.

Also, I thought Prismatic, if triggered, would forcibly change the element type to the one element the target is weakest to, but I guess I’m wrong there too. That was the main reason I was considering to go for Prismatic.

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Critical Damage and Critical Chance are different from Elemental Critical Chance. also Weapon DMG% and Weapon DMG+ only work for the Weapon they are on, where as Elemental DMG% and Elemental DMG+ work with any Weapon of the same Element and can be on any item or Pet. also, Elemental Crit Chance is different from Elemental Crit Damage.

Elemental Crit Chance can cause Immolate for Fire, Freeze for Ice, Paralyze for Shock, Orbit for Arcane, and Toxic for Poison.

Elemental Crit Damange increases the damage done by the effects of Elemental Crit Chance. Blistering gives +100% Bleed to Immolated, Celestial gives +100% DMG for Orbit, Blight gives +100% DMG to Toxic, Frostbiting gives +100% DMG to Freeze, and High Voltage gives +100% DMG to Paralyzed.

Also, I thought Prismatic, if triggered, would forcibly change the element type to the one element the target is weakest to, but I guess I’m wrong there too. That was the main reason I was considering to go for Prismatic.

Prismatic is totally random. there is a Ring Mythic Affix called Effective that kind of works this way. it doesn’t really change your attacks Element, but during the damage part of the battle, it will consider your attack to be the targets weakness for +25% DMG. if the target is immune to it’s own Element, then you lose the benefit of Effective. but if you have +90% or more of Weaken, you are good to go.

when you look at damage, WD% is considered first, then WD+, ED%, & ED+, in this order. if you want a better look on how damage works, here is a good post that might help.

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Oh yeah it makes total sense. No clue why I thought WD on OH would also affect MH.

I’ll definitely take a look at those threads.

Thank you once again! :smiley:

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