Mid's - Weaken vs. Effective vs. Ignore Resist - Guide [3.0]

Weaken alone is enough actually. Effective+ Weaken also works but totally optional.

I chose it because of the Frozen Explosions in the weakness element. It’s not like that anymore but Explosive 400% still does good damage to help imo.


Yes, you understood that correctly ;).

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Thanks for clearing that up… Back to farming then hahah my goal now is to reach floor 10000.

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thanks for this. really helpful. i just upgraded my set with 90% weaken and 60% epic weaken and i’m almost 1 hitting shrine champions on floor 1900+ really helpful. thanks again.

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i got arcanist + ascendent, crystal crit chance (total 75%), 1x cristal crit gmg, 2x crystal weaken.
another 2 crystal affixes are dodge, and APS (total 75%) so there is no room currently.
my skill is ricochet, 4x extra attack, 4x multi attack
is it worth it to go from 180 weaken to 120 weaken and add another crystal crit dmg?
I suggest yes?

Thanks :slight_smile: you’re welcome.

Why don’t you get 5x Strength Nature and 1x epic Crit DMG%?

Crit DMG% cap is 350%, so you only need additional 125% - a second crystal slot would give you 125% more than you need.

In case you have Epiphany (5) you could do that though. You’d need to calculate that according to the CRITav formula in my other guide:

I’m to lazy for that right now ;). But I’m pretty sure in terms of DPS the second Weaken is better than a second Crit DMG% even with Epiphany.

Hey Mid, thanks for the answer. Yes I got also Epiphany Apex (with set affix and bonus affix) so the cap is 437.5.
Maybe you were so kind to calculate it for me in the next days?
Your guide is very cool but I have some problems to understand everything there :frowning:

hey mid thanks for the response i really appreciate all the hardwork you have put onto this guide. i just found out that my set is more effective with the crushing flames bonus based on my calculations. i will post it soon when i finish farming for my set.


if i use 90% weaken so i can remove ignore resist?

Yes. Weaken doesn’t work with ignore resist.

Ignore resist makes attacks avoid resist calculation so weaken won’t apply and effective since it bypasses resists. Weaken is only effective when your attack gets affected by enemy resists.

1 hitting Epic mobs on floor 1900+ :confused: What Gears you currently used in climbing Floors?

Srsly hahah thats awesome 1 hitting 1900+ epic enemies plus huhuh

thanx 4 info bos

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Yeah also me cant believe it. But seems you can 1hit it if you have Frozen Set Affix.

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I have a new build on rogue but the problem is i cant upload it right now on youtube because of my poor network connection. I’ll upload it next time on via WiFi.

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Is that so? Omg gotta switch to frozen build then hehehehee


weaken percentage means both proc and effect value?

does weaken also double negative the natural resistance or only the additional affix resistance?

Weaken affects any attack that hits an enemy and that’s why I find it OP for a frozen build since it constantly multiplied my frozen explosions alone with the other factors such as 500% Frostbiting , demonic and relentless.

Weaken can affect dot , frozen explosion, explosive 400% , procs for sure , and manually casted skills.

As far as negative resists , I’m not too sure. Weaken does make enemies have laughably low resist to almost 0 or probably negative resists . While it does that, it helps the player gain lots of overall damage.

Ignore resist gets the enemies to have 0 resist which means whenever you attack, resist doesn’t count. Weaken probably lowers their resists to negatives which is why it can double your player damage or even close to triple.

by procs i mean the chance for weaken effect to occur. im new to this forum so i don’t realize that word procs can be easily mistaken for skill procs affix. but nice to know that its work on all various damage source. i thought it only triggered by on hit effect when the weaken word appear on screen before.

i just think if weaken can’t bring down ressist to negative value then how can be it worth more to have than 1x ignore ressist that can easily negates enemy multiple ressist affix.