Why Lance?

So I have seen a lot immortal warriors in the higher divisions of eternal league.

Nearly all of them use Lance MH, usually Lederer’s Lance or Mutiny depending upon the setup.

Of all warrior weapons, Lance MH Weapon Base Damage is not the highest, falling second to Hammer.
Why not choose hammer if damage optimization is the goal?

This is subjective, but, sword and axe looks just better. So why not choose sword or axe, if aesthetics is the goal?

Any insights @Mr_Scooty, @NUIQUE, @HawkEye, @defender, and @ZARAKI?


that makes me wonder why ? too…

Lenders lance for block or dodge if your lucky to get Crystal version of either.

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from what I have seen when meeting enemies in the Arena with Lances, they get to you really fast, they can be difficult to get away from, and they can do lots of DMG when Crafted the right way.

read the description for the Skills on Lance and the boosts for the Skills in the Hero Skills. after that, it is player preference.

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There were numerous contributing factors for my Lance main hand selection on Warrior. However, It has been a while since I tested (~3.0 release).

  1. Based on what I remember, there appeared to be a significant performance difference in using “charge” skill via Battle Mage Set with Hammer that forced me select Lance as main hand weapon. Speed to opponent was my main criteria, if I remember correctly.

  2. The base weapon damage difference between lance and hammer is marginal at level 20 when calculating actual “Battle Arena Power” (~1% difference if I remember correctly).

  3. My selection had zero to do with looks, although the lance with Nightblade Skin looks really cool but so do Hammer and Axe when you equip Nightblade…

Edit: Logged in and tested conditions described above. Movement appears identical with MH Lance or Hammer using Battle Mage Set affix. Gain in Power from Hammer due to slightly higher base weapon damage Battle Arena power goes from 469 to 474 or a 1% difference.

Aswang Build reveal with Lance:

Image below is original Immortal MH from my prior Black Magic Craft

This MH was combined with Insolence Skull on Wizard.


Thanks for the detailed discussion @Mr_Scooty.

I was thinking about the 1% difference being hardly noticeable. For me 4% and onwards difference in power on my battle mages start to become noticeable.

I also had the following observations on battlemage set during whirlwind animations:

*Some MH Weapons will allow the character to spin faster and others spin slower

*However, the frequency of whirlwind hits are the same.

For illustration, let’s say we have a battle mage warrior with sword and a battle mage warrior with lance that both use whirlwind attack.

The lance wielding warrior will spin faster and the sword wielding warrior will spin slower. However, the hits produced are about the same(same number of hits per second).