Why out of league opponents?

So im in mythic league after getting a lil wet in some pvp, and im curious, why i am being pitted against eternal league opponents?

Im not in eternal league, so why should i be auto matched agsinst them? Seems like either i should be in eternal league or my oppobents shouldnt be.

I think it’s meant for challenging the build and also , if you modify the build and win against eternal opponent , you win more MMR or ELO as some call it so higher chance of eternal league.

I know how you feel though. But with the crystals you have , you could make a decent PvP build I guess and get quite far into eternal league divisions.

Eyes off my crystal stash 0,o

Haha. PS : that pic is so yesterday. I farmed much more now. Lol.

Matches are about MMR, not league. There are some players on div 1 with 1000 points.

What is MMR, Match making rating?


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