Why so many deadlies with torrent?

I seem to get a lot of deadly strikes with Torrent for a build without any deadly strike affixes. Is it just luck? This happens a lot.

that should only happen when you have Deadly Strike. are you sure you don’t have any DS on the Build?

if not, it could be a bug…

I double checked everything, definitely no deadly strike. Strange.

Speaking of bugs, anyone have issues purchasing boosts?

Also, I seriously think Electrified is no longe in the Amythest pool for me :frowning:

if RNG doesn’t give you Electrified with Amethyst… then check the LegendEx and find an Electrified Item that best suits your build and purchase it with Dust. if none of them fit your build, then farm for more Amethyst and keep trying…

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Instead of burning Obsidian or Amethyst, I will often farm until I find an item with what I’m looking for.
Parting with my dust and crystals is too painful.

if you have a good gold farming build, converting unneeded Legends & Eternals to Crystals is a great way to get Rare & Ultra Rare Crystals.

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I tend to burn quite a bit of Ruby. A lot of useless procs and resists in the pool.

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Yeah, I’ve already started rebuilding the item. Frustrating though, it’s usually a lot easier to get the set you want than it is to get that elusive +10 Barrage.

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I usually check the LegendEx first to see if something fits my Build to save on Crystals (I have enough Dust…). if nothing fits my Build, I get the next best Item in the LegendEx and start spending Crystals to make it the Best Item.

the problem is finding the right Items for my Build that has Affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals… sometimes I find my self having to choose between 2-4 of the same Items due to the needs of unrollable Affixes and where to place the Affixes I can roll. I feel like a juggler… :person_juggling: .