Why so terrible

I’m going to quit this game by the end of the day I can’t use Chak. Enigma in PvP cause Im constantly stuck on my taunt totem and I’ve used literally hundreds of crystals for 2 HP affixes and just used 30 to not get the element I wanted on 1 item what a joke of a patch

I don’t understand the meaning of the post. What is a chak? “Constantly stuck on my taunt totem” are you using it all the time or do you get trapped by taunt?

he probably means Chakram I think.

I did mean chakaram. And when you use taunt it drops this dumb little totem that’s blocking me like crazy

because that is what taunt has to be

@Gummy thats how.pvp.should work der would be some trials and builds that would give u headache it would be boring if u can easily win. Though if u got proper build w/ chakram rogue u can pretty defeat anybody easily

I mean PvE lol I just wanted to spam boomerang and proc taunt/enigma/mayhem but it’s all clogged up now

@Gummy oh sorry for misunderstanding. Maybe there is a proper reason behind those changrs

then this might be on a bug report

Well part of it was I removed my freeze/stun resist switching it around that was my bad. I still hate that totem and it’s all up in my business lol

totem is a good one but if you encounter it bad thing might happen