Why some affixes can not be crafted?

When i first start crafting gear, i have about 46 ruby and i use about 20 of them but still cannot craft any ED% affixes at all. The worse part is the list of affixes that ruby sometime give me is just a bunch of skill proc and only 2 or 3 support affixes. I don’t know what to do to get out of this situation.

You can’t obtained Legend ED% via Ruby. You can only find them via drop item.

Look at this crystal restriction guide


Which drop item have it?

Many items have legend ED%.

Browse through the codex. Noteably, nadjs robe, insolence, aether wrap, loop of epiphany, etc

Look at your codex. You can get Legend ED% on Ragnarok Weapon.

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now that you’ve realized you just burned away how many rubies, dont feel bad. i discovered this the hard way too. :slight_smile:

and ive progressively done worse boo boo’s. lol


Ragnarok hmmmm… I will check it out. Gives me an idea :grinning::grinning:

Same here :slight_smile: . Also I remember trying to make green garden without a farm build for X amount of months , maybe 3 but realised it sucks without ED% and I got so many wrong affixes. Well I’m so glad I learnt from such mistakes.


i once spent over 200 topaz and 200 kyanite rolling for block on an item that already had crystal block on it, and furthermore, had not once thought of using a sapphire to reroll epic affix…

talk about tunnel vision?..
dont drink n dq kids… lol :slight_smile:


@ObiWanKenobi :unamused: x :confused: x :disappointed: x :angry: x :cry: x :sob: x :scream: = :rage:


lol. then i spent another 60+ rubies trying to get legend exp affix, just to realise that having an exp myhstone in socket will prevent this from ever happening… :eyes:

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are you sure about this?

actually… to this day… im NOT 100% sure that you cant roll the legend exp if you have a mythstone in it…

but based on a comment here (looking for topic)

, and @Mr_Scooty trying a few rolls, and a lack of other supporting evidence cause no one rich enough that wanted to test the theory … i concluded it cant be done.

in summary : theres a chance my conclusion is wrong. but i dont think so

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Double affixes on the same item wouldn’t be possible generally speaking though. I mean unless you placed the mythstone after the affix is already there.

In the case of experience gain, legend exp gain won’t be got if you already added mythstone on it.

Although if you placed legend exp gain, you can put mythstone on it for two exp gain affixes on item item.

It’s not just that the case with exp gain but with item drops and many other affixes that also have a mythstone equivalent.

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Double affixes on the same item isn’t possible but double affixes on the same pet is possible. I’ve got few of this pet since pet has a random affixes. For example you can have two Attack Speed, Rare and Epic version.This is not a cheat or anything because once you equip the pet, one of the affix will be remove automatically. Only possible to Epic pet.

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I have gotten double affixes on gear, but when you put them on, one of the duplicate affixes becomes a socket. for the pet, you don’t get a socket, but like PaNgaHazZz says, one disappears. if you want the epic affix for some reason, get rid of the normal affix before you equip the item/pet.


Are you in our discord group chat? Just wondering, as it seems many are but most dont use same name as forums, which makes it hard to know whos who.

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@ObiWanKenobi , no, I am not. but from what I hear/read, it is doing well.

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Ill just add to this, if you have a mythstone on the gear say hp+25% then you cannot roll hp% of amy kind an that gear until you use garent to remove the mythstone. Similarly for exp gain, cooldown reduction, clear cast…

but ive never tested WD+50% because it actually appears to be different to the regular epic affix…

if i have a weapon of base 2500 damage, endow for +50%, epic WD+100% and epic WD+5000 then it would be 2500+(25000.5)+(25001)+5000 which totals 11’250

Not compaired to contrary belief of 25001.52+5000 which would be 12’500… theres a small difference

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