Why your losing PvP(a quick guide to the current top 10)

I’m currently at 7th but only because I haven’t played in a few days. But before I climb back up(hopefully) I want to share why I can do it so easily and how you can fix it. I want more builds to face and I would rather it be more competitive than boring. There is one simple truth… Cerebral Vortex is overpowered. So I use it beefed up to the max(very easy) with the rest going to HP. And a couple of tricks with torrent proc+sprint+charge and you got a easy winner. The reason I kill you so quickly is because you have opted to remove some part if your build to add CV to your gear. The problem with this is as follows:Your can kill me with your primary and special skills . Its a fair fight. But I’m using your torrents as well as kiting you through mine to kill you. Your torrents don’t hurt me. They instead cause my torrents to proc on you. And my torrents kill you. Your turning it into an easy kill switch for me. In my honest opinion I think you should remove it. Enhance your true build instead of adding pretty torrents that are not killing your opponent. If you want I will load a video and prove what I’m saying to each of you . I’m truly trying to have a better fight as its not much fun when I know that with your independent build(without CV) would more than likely have killed me. Also I believe we need a nerf on CV. It’s way to easy to get to a ridiculous amount of damage with a ton of affix slots left over to beef up you hp+dmg red+ heal to extremes

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I get your point, but this contradiction is just too sweet not to quote it :smile:

The problem is the arena isn’t real time and everybody from top 10 can defeat anybody. Also CV takes up only 1 slot, so it will be used until it is not worth using that 1 slot.

I think we should wait til the AI practice toon has more HP and then we can actually see how our AI toon fights and tune it accordingly.

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For sure. Just pointing out that CV on a non CV build will almost always lose to this exploit. Example. 9 ppl in the top ten ran cv. And could have murdered me in 3 secs. But that weak torrent didn’t hurt at all, allowed me to stay out of the way of their real skills and also allowed me to take damage(lots of tiny hits) and would trigger my torrents. And my torrents hurt. But hey whatever. Permafrost is a good set affix too but it keeps you alive longer. Not the other way around. I’m sure it will kill most . But when you get to top ten my advice would be to either ditch it or hug and embrace it. Because the middle sucks. And your right. I quit playing this game for Vainglory. Only because of the real pvp. DQ has every aspect of a game a Diablo/ RNG RPG lover would want except three things.

  1. real pvp. It’s not that hard to do.
  2. trading. Yeah yeah I know cheaters. That’s why we have number three.
    3.) Get a SERVER. with a good server company you’ll have anti cheat (no files on phone to modify) plus server checks. PvP would be better live. And trading would actually be viable. Seems like this is what this needs.

Which toon was yours in top 10? I’m guessing it was the mirror rogue?

Nah it was whirling Willie
The cv warrior

Ok, yes yes I remember WW. Excellent build. :beers:

Did u ever face the mirror rogue that spam in a corner & if u get too close she swaps with you & you have to eat her torrents. LOL was pretty cool. :joy:

saw that guy. i wanna try his build but i still cant get the chance to loot a insolence hatchet to convert into mirror tho :sweat:

Is it for a PVE build? Don’t need the insolence ED% for PVP. Could use +5000 ED. Maybe put Defiant on MH weapon & use any of the 3 mirrors? Would be nice to have Defiant on OH though. :+1:t2:

naaah im talking about the build that, that guy with mirror who spams on the corner and swaps u. he’s using eternal chakram w/ mythical set to maximize his dmg, and defiant mirror to compensate for the defiant that is not on his MH ^^

I tried the mythical Chakram. Doesn’t seem worth it cause lose 2 affix spots & no obsidian or legend affix. I guess I was just saying maybe give your build a try by putting Defiant on MH rather than wait for an insolence skull or hatchet to drop. I was also thinking of making a variant of his build to help save a top 20 spot in E1 because all my other builds get killed when on AI. :flushed:

Lol that mirror swap was a great idea

Read the codex and craft a powerful build

Truly you can go to top10
Without using cerebral vortex or defiant

And it is more challenging :sunglasses:

What is a cv sir?

CV = Cerebral Vortex

I’m gonna put back together the most annoying cv build you’ve ever seen. Get ready for 15+ rounds if you wanna attempt my character. To be done soon I hope. We will see how much I can break this build

Thnx sir scooty! Uhm its vey hard to time the defiant and cv affix set lol takes my crystals to decrease big time😄… any advise how to time those set affix sir?

You must find them. You can’t use crystals to get defiant or cv

Defiant drops past floor 200 from epic tier plus enemies. You cannot use amethyst to obtain defiant or cerebral vortex. See screenshots below.

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Thnx sir! @Mr_Scooty @acydsyns, how about the legend affix push to the limit? Should i find it as well or i can time it w/ ruby?

Drop only for push the limit and barbarian :smile: