Why your losing PvP(a quick guide to the current top 10)


Drop only for push the limit and barbarian :smile:


On what floor shoud i find it sir @Griffin012😊


Floor 400+ mythic 3 would be the best place since it encompasses all of the legends that have it :smile:


Thnx very much sir @Griffin012, :grin::v:


Glad to help out! :smile:


This is a great resource, so you don’t waste crystals.


Sir @PeaceDog thnx very much it really helps alot :v:


Thnx alot im on top 7 now even w/o defiant and cv yet … still hoping to get those affixes sir😄


Congrats @Abaddon that’s awesome!!! :+1:


congrats :slight_smile:


The Codex ingame is your best friend. :wink:


Im at top 1 now sir thnakyou so much to the guys who helped me…yo the real mvp… but i still dont have defiant, cv and push the limit yet , so hard to find…lol i only have torrent proc serves as proxy of cv lol


Congrats @Abaddon !


Congrats @Abaddon you are a fast learner!! :pray:


nice one @Abaddon


grats! @Abaddon


Thnx soo much sirs! sir @Eater i salute your rogue very high bleed dmg! Got me many times lol😄


Can’t all bleed DMG be negated by 3 perseverance. 2 of the is like 80% reduced… So that’s pretty much all of it


Good point. Using 3 affixes is pretty expensive.


A lil bit waste of affix slot as well😄