Why i can’t create new character it says error you already own this item please help me how to fix this

Have you purchased 1 or more extra Character slots/spaces?

And then, have you reloaded your DQ App or are you using a new device?

You might try going into Options > Social/IAP > Restore Purchases. If this doesn’t work, then wait for @tdaniel or @SteigerBox , who are DQ Developers, to ask questions so that they can figure out what is wrong and help to get the problem fixed so that you can get back to playing and slaying monsters.

Golem nailed it.

That is how you can restore your purchases.

The only comment I will add: Make sure you are logged into the Google Play App with the same email address (account) you used to make the purchase BEFORE you try to restore purchases in DQ.

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:hammer: :face_with_head_bandage: :blush: . hopefully, the problems fixed!